Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Explorations With These Bright Fanny Packs

Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Explorations With These Bright Fanny Packs

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Being hands-free on your outdoor excursions is a luxury all of us adventure chasers deserve. While backpacks seem to be more of an appealing bag to carry while hiking or exploring outside in nature thanks to how much they hold, they can limit our comfort and mobility. . Fanny packs can easily fit everything you need and can be placed around your waist or across your body without restricting any movement or feeling too heavy. 

There are a ton of options on the market when it comes to fanny packs—beyond the usual black, tan, or neutral  options most of us gravitate towards because they match pretty much everything. Add some color to your next outdoor excursion with these fun and vibrant  fanny packs that will instantly brighten up any activity you dive into. 

6 Bright Fanny Packs You’ll Love to Rock Around the Rocks: 


Baggu Fanny Pack in Aloe, $52.

This hands-free bag from Baggu is roomy and convenient for all of your outdoor excursions. You can fit anything and everything you’d want to bring along with you including your phone, wallet, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and even a book or Kindle. You can wear the fanny pack in a variety of ways: across your body, on your shoulder, or around your waist. However you decide to wear it, just know your items will be protected. It’s made from recycled heavyweight nylon and recycled ripstop nylon lining.


The North Face Fanny Pack in Sun Sprite/Sulphur Spring Green, $50

The adventure in you needs a fanny pack that’s lightweight and compact. The color and texture of the bag offers a different aesthetic than your normal bright fanny pack. It’s a vintage-looking bag that’ll give you the appearance of the gal who knows her hiking trails and is carrying the fanny pack her mother passed down to her. Bonus: the nylon fabric is also water-repellant and recycled.

Dagne Dover 365 Neoprene Ace Sling Bag in Hottest Pink, $95

If you’re interested in bringing out your inner Barbie on your next outdoor adventure, you’ll love the hot pink Dagne Dover sling bag. This durable, water-resistant, and adjustable bag is perfect for the minimalist who only carries exactly what she needs. Its size is best for those who travel with just a few slim items, but the fanny pack itself is rife with organizational hacks so you always know what you’re reaching for, including a card slot, elastic loop, and key clasp.

The exterior has one front zip pocket and an additional  back card slot—perfect for a PLEIN AIR meetup when all you really need is an ID and credit card

Wear it across your body or on your waist with ease and comfort without the hassle of constantly readjusting or weighing down. This bag is easy to travel with and will quickly become your go-to anytime you’re ready for a new adventure. 


FP Movement Manhattan Portage Packable Alleycat Waist Bag, $49

A roomy, ultra-lightweight, and hard wearing waist bag is too convenient to turn down. Not only is the color beyond cute, it’ll add some welcomed excitement to your next hiking trip. It’s made with multiple zipped compartments to keep your items safe and dry no matter the weather conditions. Plus, it’ll sit comfortably on your waist or across your body, and you can adjust the strap to fit you perfectly.


FP Movement Caraa Small Sling in Neon Orange, $118

This small sling bag is light as air and feels practically cloud-like. The waistband is adjustable and allows you to form it to your body comfortably to wear it however you please. The interior and exterior are made up of eight pockets, providing enough room for all of your essentials for your next outdoor exploration, or even as an everyday bag. The bright neon orange color screams happiness and sunshine, and it’ll compliment any outfit you pair it with.


Baboon To The Moon Fanny Pack Mini, $55

While given the name “Fanny Pack Mini”, this bag can hold everything you’d need during your outdoor adventures and more. It’s small but mighty and is made from extremely durable nylon in a vibrant blue color. It’s a convenient bag for everyday use or on an as needed basis. Wear it to go on a long walk or bring it on your next camping trip while you’re out exploring and enjoying nature. 

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