Safety Tips of Hiking, Biking, and Walking in the Heat

Safety Tips of Hiking, Biking, and Walking in the Heat

This article was created as part of a sponsored partnership with AllTrails. We take pride in selecting partners who align with our mission to get more women outside. Thank you for supporting this collaborative effort!

Even if you’re long graduated (like me) August feels like fall since it houses the start of school. While pumpkin spice lattes, chunky knit sweaters, and cozy fall vibes are around the corner they’re not here just yet which is why it’s the perfect time to talk about heat exhaustion. 

I, just a couple of weeks ago, thinking in my brain “oh it’s pretty much fall” did not bring enough water on my run and found myself with a pounding headache and queasy tummy—A.K.A. the start of heat exhaustion. It’s tough to bring all the right gear, to choose the right adventure, and to keep up with the weather forecast too. 

Take it from me that summer heat is far from over and it remains of utmost importance that we all head to our hikes, bikes, and hot girl walks equipped with everything we need to remain cool. Lucky for us, AllTrails has a treasure trove of tips for beating the heat waves when the sun shines a little brighter than expected and we bite off a little more than our low elevation lungs were exactly ready for. 

In case you’re not in the know, AllTrails is home to 400,000 trails that you can sort and filter for what you’re looking for, making it easier than ever to find your perfect hike or adventure. They recommend beginner hikers start out with a trail no longer than three miles with no more than 328 feet of elevation gain. Download the AllTrails+ app and start by checking the weather in your area. If temperatures are looking high, you MUST take extra precautions to stay hydrated and safe. Next, find a trail that suits your fancy (and experience level). Finally, enjoy your adventure! Let’s delve into the details. 

Keep it Chill:


AllTrails+, $35.99

Per our previous email (intro above), we’re serious about staying safe while exploring the outdoors. That’s why we love AllTrails+. In addition to all of the features we all know and love, like the trail maps and community reviews, they also have a weather conditions report that shows the local trail temperatures up to 7 days out. This way, you can plan your adventure for the coolest day of the week and avoid unsafe temperatures.


inReach® Mini 2 - $399.99

Even though this isn’t necessarily hot weather specific, when the temperatures are looking high (upwards of 70 degrees), it’s important to take extra precautions especially if you plan to explore alone. The best emergency (and non-emergency) device on the market these days is the inReach Mini 2 which enables you to send preprogrammed, new, and emergency messages even if you’re out of service. You can set it up before you head out to easily connect to your phone then have no trouble pulling it out, clicking it on, and sending a quick “made it to the summit” message to your beloved, lazy boyfriend. 


Windbreaker Pullover - $88.

AllTrails recommends that even if you’re going on a hike on a hot day that you always, always bring layers. Since a hot day can dip in temperature on a dime—or alternatively, it’s so hot that you don’t want to have your arms in the sun—a light windbreaker can do the job of keeping you cool (or warm) with ease. The best part about these jackets is that they pack down to be so tiny that they fit into nearly any pack our pouch that you bring along. Patagonia’s infamous Houdini jacket is a world favorite for all things ultralight. A fun alternative is this windbreaker by Outdoor Voices that comes in three fun colors and includes a zipper pouch on the back for your car keys (and other small things). 


Kate’s Real Food Variety Pack - $29.88. 

It’s time to talk snacks. If it’s hot outside, AllTrails recommends bringing 1 liter of water per hour you’re hiking and a plethora of salty snacks. I’ve touched on hydration before – but let’s run it back. Before you gawk at 1 liter of water per mile, remember: if you do your research right, you can fill up your water with a water filter in a lake or stream. However, if you can’t ensure there will be a water source, consider bringing along a water bladder like this one that has a large capacity. I love using a bladder because it makes it so easy to stay hydrated; it’s basically a portable hydration station. Even if I bring a water bladder along or if I’m trying to up my water volume, I’ll bring along a smaller bottle too. 

Back to snacks: I’ve been tired of mainstream granola bars for a while now but Kate’s Real Food Bars got me hooked again quickly. If you’ve never tried them before, buy this variety pack and see what you think. To me, they live up to their name and actually taste like Real Food AND they include all sorts of good for you ingredients like nuts and honey. 


Lipshade 100% Mineral SPF 30 Hydrating Lipstick - $24.

You know I’m all about mountain ready skincare so let’s make some space for the best sunscreen ever: SuperGoop. AllTrails says it’s imperative you bring sunscreen along whether you're hiking, biking, or on a short stroll, especially for your lips! This stunning lipstick is equipped with SPF 30 and is ready to keep your smile hydrated all adventure long. 

As for the rest of your face, try out the PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50 with Sunflower Extract. It’s my go-to screen for summer adventures since it doesn’t sweat off my face. Be sure and reapply often, though, as it’s water resistance wears off after 80 minutes. 


Rover Pack Classic - $99.

I can’t talk about being adventure ready without talking packs. For five years my favorite hiking pack has been this one by Osprey. I’m obsessed with all things Osprey because their packs are made to last and sit so perfectly on your body that, if you adjust them correctly, you’ll barely feel the weight at all. Also, this pack is compatible with Osprey water bladders: the perfect solution to needing to bring one liter per mile! 

On my wish list is this pack by Topo Designs which just came out in a new, amazing color. This classic and durable pack is perfect for lower mileage hikes when you need something a little bit less technical. It also has an internal laptop sleeve making it the perfect pack for doing work at your favorite coffee shop. 

The best part about both of these packs is that they are built to last and they will carry everything you need to keep it cool in these late summer months. I’ve done the research—you’re far more likely to be prepared if you think your backpack is cute. 

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