Halfdays Just Dropped Its New Fall 2023 Collection—and We Need Everything, Stat

Halfdays Just Dropped Its New Fall 2023 Collection—and We Need Everything, Stat

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If a million loved Halfdays, I am one of them, and if one loved Halfdays, it was me, and if no one loved Halfdays then know that I am dead. While the quote may be Kafka’s, the sentiment is ours; Plein Air has an obsession, nay, a fervor for everything that outdoor recreation brand Halfdays releases, but let us let you in on a secret: its Fall 2023 collection may be its most versatile, most fan-worthy yet. 

Halfdays made a splash on the slopes with a vibrant, made-for-you collection of skiwear that won over women by actually being fitted to their bodies rather than adopting the “shrink it and pink it” mentality many recreation brands utilized in its ski jackets, pants, bibs, and other ski outfit essentials. And after making the *literal most fabulous skiwear ever*, the brand also made it a mission to connect like-minded women regardless of their familiarity with the outdoors (beginners welcome!) with a community Slack channel that made waves with meetups, gear size swaps, mountain recs, and more. (Love the idea? Have we got news for youuuu.)

Cue Halfdays’ expansion, conquering spring and summer with a technical collection focused on hiking, layering, and getting outdoors. Colorways complemented each other while still being plenty jazzy and unique, making them statement pieces alone but easy to layer as the temperature dipped. While I enjoyed the aesthetic of their spring and summer collection launched this year, I wasn’t quite tempted enough to hover over that add-to-cart click, figuring my Outdoor Voices and Athleta and Girlfriend Collective pieces in my closet were already similar enough in style and functionality that me buying more would be redundant (and not very kind to Mother Earth.)

Halfdays’s fall 2023 collection is an entirely different story. Here are some of my favorite picks from their latest launch, including both new products in tried-and-true colorways and new products in new colorways. Halfdays tends to sell out new drops quickly, so you’ll want to be speedy with the buy to get your preferred size in time to relish that crispy changing air.

The Best of Halfdays’s Fall 2023 Collection:

  1. Davis Convertible Jacket—$235.
  2. Golden Bucket Hat—$65.
  3. Paradis Longline Bra—$55.

Oh, and some refreshed favorites:

  1. Pieper Fleece—$195.
  2. Sophia Leggings—$85.
  3. Johnson Top—$85.

Davis Convertible Jacket—$235.

Kicking off Halfdays’s new collection with a bang is the Davis Convertible Jacket, a two-in-one vest and puffer hybrid that makes that paycheck easier to part with. Dual-use items are high on my wishlist thanks to their multi-use functionality (and therefore, the whole sustainability factor), and the quilted Davis Convertible Jacket is stylish enough to look good in either iteration. (Too often, I see convertible pieces fail, an awkward in-between that’s not quite good enough to be either of its forms.) Available in sizing up to 2XL and in four gorgeous colorways—including a burnt orange, lilac, classic black, and mustard green—it’s of course wind- and water-resistant, as well as insulated with 100 percent recyclable materials.

Golden Bucket Hat—$65.

What’s a trail collection without a good ol’ bucket hat? We’re not surprised Halfdays has ventured into matching, quilted bucket hat territory, although we are delighted. It’s quilted, nylon, and even has a cinchable bungee cord to fit any noggin. Oh, and it can hook to your jacket for easy carry. The hat is available in Halfdays’s new Fall 2023 colorways including the lilac, mustard green, essential black, and rust colors.

Paradis Longline Top—$55.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a women’s outdoor recreation brand must be in need of a longline compression bra. These ultra-layerable tops (christened “tiny tops” by my roommates, a trend du jour) are a must both during the summertime and as temps *thankfully* start to dip. Wear as a sports bra, style with jeans, or wear on the trail—the sky’s the limit. One of the reasons we unfailingly love Halfdays is that their pieces all build on each other, so you can always be adding to and subbing in your collection in complementary ways, a mentality exemplified by this product addition. Sweat-wicking, with wide straps for comfort, the Paradis Longline Top comes in black, mustard green, versatile navy, and the crowd-favorite Spritz shade.

Pieper Fleece—$195.

I’ve been eyeing the Pieper Fleece since last ski season, as I always need a mid-layer under my snow jacket. My style is definitely cozy, and this jacket channels visions of alpine cabins (dare we say chalets?) and frosty, wind-bitten cheeks. Of course, during the summertime, a fleece is just as useful for a mist-sprayed boat rise or surprisingly chilly sunrise hike, so it’s a must-have in my closet. For Fall 2023, Halfdays has gone all in and revamped its ultra-soft sherpa Pieper Fleece in its Spritz, navy, tan, black, lilac, mustard green, hot pink, light orange, cream, light green, and lime green shades. Oh, and did we mention it’s water-repellant too?

Sophia Legging—$95.

I practically lived in the Sophia Leggings all winter, using them as my base layers below my skiing ‘fit. While most base layers are soft and underwear-like enough that you wouldn’t want to wear them out and about, the Sophia Leggings are athletic and therefore appealing for their wear-all-year versatility. Rock ‘em in July or February—it doesn’t matter.

Johnson Top—$95.

Ditto to the Halfdays long sleeve base layer: the Johnson Top. Newly available in their Fall 2023 colorways, this seamless nylon Halfdays staple has mesh-sleeve underarms for breathability and a warm, snug fit. BRB, scooping their mustard green Mustang colorway.

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