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Don’t Scratch That—How All Better Co. Helps Your Bug Bites

Don’t Scratch That—How All Better Co. Helps Your Bug Bites

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We’ve all been there—the perfectly orange sunset by the lake, the quiet morning in the tent, or the epically beautiful hike made miserable by the tiniest of creatures: BUGS. These buzzy, teensy, irritating (albeit important to all ecosystems) buggers can ruin a romantic moment in a millisecond and have us slapping and scratching all adventure long. 

After itching my way through half a summer of kayak portages to remote rivers, all-day-long mountain trail runs, and fireside camp meals that left me with scab-covered ankles, a friend suggested I check out All Better Co. as a bug bite remedy. You can add this female-founded company that produces wonderfully portable, plant-based bug bite relief to the list of products I now never, ever leave home without. 

Time to Make it Alllll Better:

Don't Scratch That Pen - $15.

My favorite product made by All Better Co. is their Don’t Scratch That pen. This little pen-size tube of their amazing formula is perfect for outdoor adventures since it’s so lightweight. I brought mine when I backpacked the Teton Crest Trail with my college friends last weekend. The TCT includes roughly 40 miles of gorgeous mountain views, peaks, valleys, magical creeks, stunning glaciers, rainbows of wildflowers, and lots and lots and lots of bugs.

When we all woke up itchy, instead of scratching, we dug this out of my pack even before we’d had breakfast. Dotting our bug bites with this pen took 30 seconds and alleviated the entire morning of agony that would have ensued considering our prime camp location in a boggy, mosquito haven. 

To utilize the pen, all you have to do is pop off the cap and twist the top until you hear a couple of “clicks.” I found it helpful to direct the pen facing downwards to help the salve come out of the pen the first time. After that, just twisting it worked fine. 

All Better Co.’s special salve includes ingredients intended to soothe your irritated skin on the spot. 20 mg of premium hemp-derived CBD works to reduce inflammation, jojoba seed oil plays a similar role to our skin’s natural sebum which we produce in order to protect our skin, and coconut oil and olivate soothe the skin with their rehydrating properties. 

All Better Co. has nothing to hide ingredient-wise and is transparent with the entire ingredient list which you can read on their website below each product. Check out the entire ingredient list for the Don’t Scratch That pen here

Don’t Scratch That Patches - $17

In the instance that I ran out of balm from my Don’t Scratch That pen or had a massive bug bite that just wouldn’t go away, I’d opt for the Don’t Scratch That Patches. I also brought these in my med kit on the Teton Crest Trail and they were an absolute life saver. I love these patches for moments when I have other oils (mostly sweat and sunscreen) on my skin that make absorbing an additional cream harder than usual. 

These self-adhesive patches are wonderfully packaged so that, even though they’re small, they’re visually easy to find in a pouch stuffed to the brim. Infused with tea tree oil, these patches work quickly to cool down a bite that feels on fire. I suggest doing your best to cleanse the area before applying a patch. PSA: If you’re on the trail, don’t forget to pick up and pack out all the little pieces of the wrapper! 

I’ve stocked my big med kit with these little patches, and plan to keep it stocked now moving forward. If the patch and pen combo sounds like the perfect products for you, the Don’t Scratch That Kit includes both—lucky you. 

So Long, Suckers Spray Serum - $16. 

The final All Better Co. product I want to highlight is their So Long, Suckers Spray Serum. This product is a deterrent that mimics the function of a more traditional bug spray without deet. Instead, this little spray includes Citronella and Lemon Myrtle— elements that naturally keep the bugs at bay instead. 

As I’ve already mentioned, All Better Co. products are super portable and this spray is no exception. The clear cap ensures you don’t spray the inside of your cute tote bag. Equipped with the epic power of the So Long, Suckers Spray Serum alongside the soothing salves of the Don’t Scratch That Pen and Patches, irritating itchiness will never be able to sour your summer soiree again.


Better Days Ankle Socks - $12

Beyond their bug-focused products, All Better Co. offers a number of skin care products geared up for adventure too. The Better Lippy balm stick includes SPF 15 in the form of non-nano zinc oxide and vitamin E oil and organic beeswax for hydration. I’m always on the hunt for better adventure lip balms (few things are worse than burned lips), and this Betty Lippy stick is the next product I plan to try. 

As a newly minted All Better Co. super fan, I’m ready to stock my closet with some of their additional accessories. I can see you using this bag at the late summer farmers market when you finally get up the nerve to talk to the person working that artsy booth you’ve been eyeing all season. 

The All Better Co. Better Days Hat is a perfect addition to your fleet of caps since it is, after all, Hat Girl Summer. This chill dad hat will have you keeping the sun off your nose (and eyes on your outfit) as onlookers ask—how is she so comfortable out here, despite the bugs?

Last but not least the Better Days Ankle Socks are adorable. The discrete rainbow stitching will remind you of the joy a bug-bite-less life brings to your heart. 

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