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Introducing Outdoors Barbie: from What to Wear to How to Deck Out Your Dream House

Introducing Outdoors Barbie: from What to Wear to How to Deck Out Your Dream House

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Frankly, it’s been a good long minute since any movie has made such a cultural splash as the upcoming Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig releasing on July 21, 2023. Starring Margot Robbie (duh) and Ryan Gosling (whose name I just miswrote as Ken Gosling because he’s strangely perfect for it), this vaguely Elf-inspired plot features Barbie starting to get curious about the “real world” outside her dream world. The team behind the movie claim it’s totally bananas, and with a fuschia-coated trailer touting some tongue-in-cheek references and philosophies, it’s def geared more towards adults than kiddos. Needless to say, we’ll be at the premiere chomping on some pink-colored popcorn for sure.

Why Barbie?

With such a vibrant movie making such a splash, their PR team has been working overtime. I’ve seen more Barbie-branded merch released in the past two months than probably in my lifetime, with some surprising collaborations.

TBH, Barbiecore—yes, another “—core” bred claimed from TikTok’s “name it and claim it” philosophy—isn’t new though. Two years ago in 2021, dopamine dressing in a locked down world was all the rage, which included the neons and brights. Shortly after, we saw that trend veer more towards fuschias and pinks, with specific colors breeding specific aesthetics. In this case, Barbiecore. Since then, Barbiecore’s been running strong in the cultural lexicon, and clearly shows no signs of stopping. 

Barbie’s a fun character to embody, after all. Granted, her life is doused in pastels and bright pink, but that doesn’t take away from her ability to think seriously (as shown in the trailer) or per a 1984 slogan, do absolutely anything. Having a sense of style in no way detracts from her personality or desire. So, of course PLEIN AIR SOCIAL loves this balancing act—and have to channel it for ourselves. Chic girls who love the outdoors? Hell yeah.

What to Shop

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite clothing, shoes, home, and lifestyle goods paying tribute to Barbie. (BTW, the number of brand collabs championed by the Barbie movie is at 30 and climbing.) Not included on our list? A movie ticket for July 21. You’ll have to get that one on your own.


Notable Barbie Collabs:

We spy many of our favorites on this list. Good taste flocks together. To start out my Barbie-branded collab spree, I have a major crush on the Ruggable x Barbie collaboration. That pink ombre rug is vibrant but still elegant, and seems like it would tie together any space; most importantly, it’s machine-washable, the primary reason why Ruggable as a brand has shot up to stratospheric fame amongst the nesting set.

If, of course, you champion Barbie for her meticulous approach to beauty, the Kitsch x Barbie satin pillowcase perhaps feels the most true-to-form to her character. A satin pillowcase can be soothing to your skin and hair, reducing friction and breakage while you sleep—and of course, it feels luxurious.

For your Malibu pool party dreams, the Funboy x Barbie float collection is the way to go. Y’all know we love our floaties in any body of water, but this combo’s meant to accompany a neon bikini, pink lemonade, cotton-candy-esque music playing, and turquoise pool water. If you really want to splurge, Airbnb has a larger-than-life opp for two lucky folks: bookings open for the IRL Barbie Magic Dreamhouse set up in Malibu on July 17 at 10 A.M. PDT. And did you know that these Barbie-branded skates are literally the ones they use in the movie? So snap those up immediately.

Notably, a Béis x Barbie collaboration is also set to launch on July 19, and you bet I’ve got my eyes peeled. I’ve been considering splurging on the brand’s latest neon collection (I’ve heard nothing but great things about its quality) and seriously loved its creamsicle, lime, and berry colorways—but I waited too late, and they sold out instead. So you best believe I have my post notifications on for this one on my socials.


Channel Barbie in Your Home:

Don’t you just want to wake up and see pink on every conceivable surface? If that sounds like you, you’ll want to start with some comfy (linen, obv) bedding with a light and bright feel. Then perhaps a bedside table or dresser with an in-your-face scream of color? I pos-i-tively swear by Mustard Made’s adorable locker configurations myself, as I currently use one as a media stand and another as a wardrobe. If you’re committed to the all-in-one pink look of your bedroom, opt for a statement-making Coley Home headboard.

Then comes breakfast and the rest. Might as well commit to the bit and use a fuschia baking pan from Great Jones, alongside the cult-favorite Always Pan 2.0 which can genuinely do it all. Store your leftovers in the stylish, space-making W&P Porter fridge set, which of course can come in a sweet baby pink.


Channel Barbie in Your Wardrobe:

For actual wardrobe, you have plenty of options. Be subtle about the infusion with easy-to-use pink press-on nails (coming from someone who is usually awful at using them) or TikTok-famous blush oil that uses your skin’s unique pH to adjust to the ideal color for your face.

Inside the home, I’ve been lusting after Sleeper Pajamas for so long—feather-lined beauties that look and feel decadent. Nothing’s more Barbie-level fabulous than this set. For exercise and similar, Halfdays and GymShark (both faves!) have some fantastically vibrant options.

Of course, don’t forget the footwear. Stock up on pink running shoes to get those miles in, bonafide fuschia stompers, and Barbie’s most-famous patent heel.

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