Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe: How to Set Up Your Next Camp Site

Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe: How to Set Up Your Next Camp Site

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I love–I mean love—camping, and over the course of my many adventures, I’ve learned it’s about way more than just the bare bones essentials. If my mom reads this, she’ll likely say something about how I only forgot the kitchen sink but I think the pain is 100% worth the gain when it comes to intentionally packing for an absolutely stellar camping trip. 

This June’s been rainy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but I have a feeling this July will be one of the most epic, wildflower surrounded camping seasons the Teton’s had in years. While I’m getting ready, I’m sharing the weath by assembling the most stunning camping aesthetic on the market, one that will make you ecstatic to lug it all out there and party til you can see shooting stars.

Camping Essentials:                                                                   


The Sitting Setup

The first thing you’ll want to set up before anything else in your camping setup is the seating, and you’re going to want a couple of options. For starters, get a few of these Goodview Camp Chairs ($140) designed by a canoe company—so you know they’re good. Plus, they fold easily and are low to the ground which is perfect for when you’re sitting around a fire. 

This low, circular table is the perfect match for the Goodview Camp Chairs ($140), but (camping hack!), it’s also nice to have something to go underneath it all. I started using a camp rug this year and I’llnever go back to getting dirt all over everything. Enter the Anywhere Rug ($250) by The Get Out,the cutest camp rug on the market. Grab a couple, splay them out, and set your chairs and table on top. Go the extra mile and get a few of these cushions designed for meditation that come in cute colors and are easy to clean. Last (but definitely  not least), string up some lights so everyone can see after the sun goes down. Your camping setup is well on its way to looking like a forest oasis designed by fairies. 


The Grill

The centerpiece of any campsite is the stove, of course. Grill goddesses, assemble!  This Cowboy Firepit Grill by Barebones is an absolute show stopper. Fair warning–I’m a Barebones megafan and their classic camping essentials stomp the competition when it comes to durability and aesthetics. This grill is suited for veggies, meat, and acts as a fire pit too. The adjustable grill plate enables you to shift the temp for different foods, and you can also adjust the height of the grill legs depending on whether you want to be in cook or campfire mode. Your designated grill master will be stoked to hear this is their set up is what they’ve got for the evening. 


The (Rest of the) Kitchen

If you give a girl a grill, she’s going to ask for some knives, a cutting board, and beautiful dishes too! One of my major camping hacks is to have a dedicated camping knife set that doesn’t get mixed in with your regular kitchen, making it easy to remember the most important tool in the (camp) kitchen. This Cabin Chef Knife Set makes it easy to keep things organized with a gorgeous leather knife roll. Marrtiini, the Finnish brand who designed this set, thought through every tiny detail, including making these knives easy to hold and versatile too. 

If this isn’t already clear with my stove and knife suggestions, steering clear of plastic, easy to lose, and easy to break kitchen pieces is an absolute must when building out your camp kitchen essentials. I love turquoise (more on that soon) plastic spoons, bowls, and knives too, but they simply do not last, nor do they contribute anything to your ultimate camping vibe. 

So, let’s talk about pans. The Carbon Steel Farmhouse Skillet can do it all. Inspired by American blacksmith style of the 18th and 19th century, this hand forged, lightweight pan will bring all the authentic camping vibes to your camp kitchen with a pan ready to prepare whatever you throw into it. 

What do you do once your phenomenal meal is roasted up over your stunning stove by your head chef? It’s time to talk turquoise. This Enamelware Dining Collection by Barebones in a gorgeous mint color includes four bowls, four deep plates, four salad plate, and four mugs checking every remaining box on your kitchen checklist. Plate up your hardy meal on these gorgeous enamel plates while someone else mixes up the camp cocktail of the evening and get ready to indulge.


To Sleep

Once you are finally ready to hit the hay, it’s got to be beautiful and this tent by The Get Out is about as pretty as a tent gets. It can fit one full bed, two twins, or four sleeping pads. If you’re down for sharing a sleeping bag, this 30°  bag is made for snuggling. 

My final camping hack that adds a layer of camping aesthetic to your setup is to bring a big quilt to go on top of your sleeping bag. This fun quilt goes perfectly with the pink bell tent and gives the warmth of grandma’s quilt without the grandma fabric pattern. 

And one last note for the non-sleeping night owls who plan to see the sun rise: Nothing is more classic camping than a lantern, and this one by Barebones is fully functional without actual gas but gives off all the aesthetics of an its old time counterpart. 

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