Sleep Like a Baby Under the Stars

Sleep Like a Baby Under the Stars

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I was the kind of kid my mom could never get to come back inside. An innate love of the outdoors grew into so much more and, along the way, I’ve collected tricks of the trade from mountain guides, trip leaders, and trial-and-error. Over the years, I’ve become keener on being comfortable and totally know the value of investing in quality gear. Here’s my five non-negotiables of camping gear to make a night in a tent so glamorous you might as well call it home.

Sleep like a baby under the stars:


Terra Hanging Toiletry Bag — $54.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you get to your destination with all of your ointments, brushes, medications, and salves is to use a toiletry organizer, and this one designed by CalPak is everything you need. If you travel often, I recommend buying doubles of your toiletries so it’s always ready to go and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. 

What makes this bag perfect for camping is its exterior fabric which is made of Recycled ripstop polyester with a TPU laminate/coating. This basically means you can just wipe it off if it ever gets dirty. I’ve learned from experience (of just bringing my typical toiletry bag along) that they collect dirt and break down fast. 

The top handle makes it easy to grab and the buckle closure ensures that all your essentials stay safely tucked inside. The collapsible hanging hook makes it perfect for looping around an internal car handle or campground bathroom hook. The various sized zipper pockets and pouches mean that everything’s got its place.

Lastly, I love this bag because of the colors. I’m a pastel loving girl, so the purple is for me. However, the black would be an awesome option if you’re looking for a lifelong product to accompany all your camping trips to come.


Bonfire 2.0 - now $259.99. 

Before bringing this one along, I advise researching the area you plan to camp and its fire rules and restrictions. Adhering to local guidelines and being totally aware of fire danger is a must before building a fire! This Solo Stove system is incredible technology that makes building a fire more streamlined and smokeless too. 

The airflow technology of the stove burns off smoke so you don’t saturate your clothes, hair, and eyes, making it easy to sit in a ring around the fire into the wee hours of the evening warm and at peace. The stove system also allows you to start up a fire and clean up the ashes with ease since it includes a removable base plate and ash tray. 

Overall, this stove makes fire building easy, fast, and more enjoyable than scrounging up rocks to make a ring or breathing in smoke all night long. And if you end up loving it, Solo Stove makes a number of accessories for cooking and grilling via your flame. Nothing’s better than warming up beside a fire with your friends before tucking into a sleeping bag for bed. 


Loadout GoBox 30 Gear Case – $250. 

On the note of staying organized, I’m pretty obsessed with this box by Yeti. I’ve seen friends use it to organize cooking gear like silverware, bowls, plates, mugs, spices, dish soap, sponges, and more. I recommend using this the same way you do the Calpak toiletry bag and stash it with all your essentials for camp cooking and leave it packed. My favorite feature is the zipper pocket under the lip that’s the ideal pouch for all the little pieces you simply can’t exist without (tea bags, honey, knives for chopping, etc,.) The divider in the middle and the removable compartments allow you to keep it all organized even when you’re too tired to think – just toss anything in! 

Like all products by Yeti, this box is wildly durable and can sit underneath other luggage you don’t want to get crushed like your clothing bag or your food bin. If you don’t plan to cook for yourself, this box can be the perfect organizer for all things that aren’t clothes you want to bring along like books, glasses, fire starter, bug spray, or anything else you don’t want to lose. 

Even if you don’t camp a ton, this box is sure to find uses in other aspects of your life as an acquaintance of your cooler when you want to bring along ingredients that don’t need to be cold. Next time you bring a dish to a dinner party or travel with the ingredients for a cocktail to a dinner party, this box can hold it all!

I know this isn’t the cutest piece of gear ever, but honestly the ease it’ll provide your life considering you won’t have to dig through your car for every little ingredient or item is truly unmatched.  You won’t regret this purchase. 


Sleeping Pad: Foamy — $299.

About five years ago I finally invested in a solid sleeping pad, and I’ve never looked back. Sleeping on an adventure or trip is more important than nearly everything else, and if you camp ever,it’s worth every penny.

This Hest sleeping pad contains two layers of high-performance memory foam that makes sleeping on your side (even if your pad is on the ground) no problem. It also comes equipped with a cell phone and key stash pocket so you don’t wake up wondering how to find your phone so you can turn off your alarm. It also has a little flap that functions as a “welcome mat” where you can leave your shoes, an easy carry handle that makes it easy to port around, waterproof construction to keep moisture away from your sleeping bag, linking clips so you can connect your pad to another one to expand your bed, and compression straps to keep it rolled up tightly in the car. 

 You’ll be eager to head to bed knowing you can roll around and relax however you need, despite being inches away from rock-hard ground. As a bonus, Hest offers a variety of pads in different sizes. Check out their site to find which pad will suit you!

CBD for Sleep Gummies - $29.99. 

Last but absolutely not least, bring something along to relax you since sleeping outside doesn’t make everyone ultra comfy—especially night one which is often when you need good sleep the most. These Charlotte’s Web Sleep CBD Gummies contain hemp extract, 10 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin to ensure you fall asleep smoothly and stay asleep throughout the night. They’re flavored with dry fruits or vegetables and you can buy them in jars of 30, 60, or 90 gummies. A little sleep aid goes a long way any time you’re away from home, and especially under the stars. 

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