Meet Noble & Proper, the Dreamy Lodge in Big Bear, California Satisfying All Our Moody Cabin Daydreams

Meet Noble & Proper, the Dreamy Lodge in Big Bear, California Satisfying All Our Moody Cabin Daydreams

Image Credit: Jenny Siegwart
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A necessary disclaimer: ya girl’s been watching too much
Westworld lately, and now I see a curated, rustic cabin as the pinnacle of luxury (you know, pre-the actual plot of Westworld.) I can’t get the contrast of it out of my mind. When you crave a semi off-the-grid locale, it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing an upscale or elevated experience. You can tap out of the exhaustion of mundanity and get to simpler roots without giving up sensorial pleasures. Enter: Noble and Proper, a dreamy cluster of cabins and lodges in Big Bear, California that embodies this to a tee. This four-season boutique hotel property is a two-minute walk from a nearby diner, a four-minute drive from town, and only a click away from being your next OOO message.

Credit: Noble + Proper

Its simple elegance, committed aesthetic, and moody decadence amplify rather than detract from the core intention of its location: a lakeside retreat where you can savor your surroundings without outside distractions. But here, your connection with nature and yourself occurs in a more genteel way—sophisticated and polished. Frankly, it’s the ideal middle ground between the love of aesthetic and the pursuit of the outdoors, aligning entirely with our ethos.

Image Credit: Jenny Siegwart

Opened in December 2022 just in time for the ski town boom, Noble + Proper is dreamed up and designed by Sara Simon, a Los Angeles-based interior designer known for the intensity of her curations (and her color palette). Focused towards travelers looking for an escape uh, “without a carved bear in the corner,” Sara developed the property starting in 2021 before opening late last year. The property consists of eight gorgeous cabins ranging from two- to four-bedroom setups, sweetly named after the hotelier’s family members. Of course, each cabin also spares no detail. You’ll enjoy complimentary coffee per usual, but also complimentary sparkling waters. Hot tubs, game rooms, private bathrooms, you name it. Jewel tones like emerald greens abound, contrasted with warm farmhouse patterns that ground the space in its lakeside cabin identity. The beds are decked out in cult-favorite Parachute Home linens. Orville’s Lodge, the largest property, can accommodate up to 14 guests, making it a prime choice for a group trip.

Image Credit: Jenny Siegwart

In summertime, you’ll relish the bikes and barbecue available, taking advantage of late sunsets and lakeside trails. In winter, need we say it? You’ll hit the slopes, make a fantastic carb-y dinner in a massive eat-in kitchen, and perhaps sink into the hot tub or by the fireplace while you try to fight your drooping eyelids. Hammocks, horseshoes, and more are available. While you’ll definitely want to absorb the pleasures of Noble + Proper without your Slack notifications, fear not: for those working while visiting, the property has WiFi and a Frame TV in each cabin, making your getaway just as lovely no matter your situation.

Image Credit: Jenny Siegwart

Noble + Proper at a Glance

Location: Big Bear Lake, California

How to Get There: The closest airport to Ontario International Airport. You can also fly into LAX and rent a car to head on over, for a drive totaling a little under four hours—three hours and forty-eight minutes according to Google Maps. Personally, we rec having a rental car.

Amenities: 50″ Frame TV, central air-conditioning and heat, gas fireplace, complimentary Wi-Fi, fridge, freezer, ice maker, microwave, kitchenette, plates, glassware, silverware, toaster, kettle, french press, complimentary coffee, sparkling water and more.

Three Things We Love About Noble + Proper

  1. Noble + Proper is “curated with memories of times from the past with a bit of a twist,” satisfying an eye for design and a certain familial warmth that makes you feel entirely at home.
  2. Details like walk-in showers, a stocked kitchenette, and cozy linens make Noble + Proper feel like the most idealized version possible of your “dream home” Pinterest board; it doesn’t come off clinical in a way some highly rated stays can (but of course, checks all the luxury boxes too!)
  3. Noble + Proper is a convenient location for your trip to Big Bear Lake, just minutes away from all your activities. Walk, bike, hike, and more from the property.
  4. Each cabin—while living up to the high standard of the Noble + Proper mark — offers a different aesthetic and experience, making each stay fresh. Because trust us, you’ll want to return.
  5. Unlike many seasonal properties, Noble + Proper is a true year-round gem, offering just as much richness in a shoulder season as in peak.


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