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This Sustainable Outdoor Brand Is Helping You Tackle Mosquitoes and Sunshine— Without Any Icky Chemicals

This Sustainable Outdoor Brand Is Helping You Tackle Mosquitoes and Sunshine— Without Any Icky Chemicals

Image Credit: Kinfield
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As much as we adore hiking, backpacking, and all adventures outside, admittedly: sometimes, we stay inside because we don’t want to deal with the ick of the outdoors. Why sully up a fresh activewear set (uh, forget about the active bit) or comfy sweats with sweat and sunscreen? Not to mention all the bug bites you’ll accumulate in the woods. Some days, ya just don’t want to scratch and drip your way through the day, no matter how nice it looks out there..

Enter Kinfield, an eco-friendly brand with uber cute (and effective) skin and body products. Having launched with a worthily popular mosquito repellent hero product, the brand soon launched an assortment of sunscreens, bug wipes, bath soaks, and more–everything you need to pamper yourself before, during, and after your outdoor excursion. Kinfield also appeared on investment-focused reality TV show Shark Tank (can you say iconic?), landing multiple deal offers with the Sharks—and ultimately signing a joint deal with Barbara and Tony. 

Sustainability forms the core backbone of Kinfield’s brand, from shipping waste-free to proudly sporting membership in the 1% for the Planet club, a global network of businesses committed to driving positive change. In fact, Kinfield actually formed as a benefit corporation or B‑Corp, a.k.a. an organization committed to “inspiring responsible outdoor activity and environmental stewardship.”

Kinfield even has a recycling program to assist shoppers in recycling finished beauty and personal care packaging–not just from them, but from any brand. That’s walking the walk. Included on their website is also a directory of brands who offer similar programs. But with its sunny yellow and orange branding, we adore this brand all the way.

Need we say more? Kinfield effortlessly aligns with PLEIN AIR SOCIAL’s ethos, and we’d be lying if we said our shelves weren’t chock-full of their Sun, Bug, and Recovery lines. Here are several of our favorites (and if you bundle them up for a purchase totalling over $45, you’ll get free shipping too.)

Our Favorite Kinfield Products: 

  1. Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent—$22
  2. Golden Hour Mosquito Wipes—$20
  3. Relief Balm—$16
  4. Cloud Cover SPF 35 Body Sunscreen—$28
  5. Sunglow SPF 35 Luminizing Face Sunscreen—$28
  6. Daily Dew SPF 35 Hydrating Face Sunscreen—$26
  7. Lip Rescue Healing Balm—$16


Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent—$22.

Kinfield’s origin product, the plant-based Golden Hour Mosquito Repellent, is so popular that it’s currently just available for pre-order (again.) At just $22, the sleek yellow body of the bottle is chic yet effective. It’s uber clean, crafted from a unique strain of Indonesian citronella that’s muscled through independent third-party testing for surety. Unlike most chemical-laden bug spray scents, this spray could almost be a body mist with its welcome mix of citrus and vanilla. New orders will begin shipping in mid to late June, and trust us, there’s a reason it sells out quickly. Did we mention it also looks equally chic alongside skincare or perfume bottles on your dresser?

The formula also comes in Golden Hour Wipes, which offers the same powerful citronella-based protection in a convenient on-the-go (recyclable) capsule complete with 12 wipes.


Relief Balm—$16.

Tragically, many of us realize our mistake in NOT packing bug spray when the window’s already passed (or in our case, been left open during a sweltering summer afternoon.) In that case, you’ll relish the anti-itch relief of the aptly-named Relief Balm, a soothing vegan blend featuring cajeput and eucalyptus oils, 10% colliodal oatmeal, tumeric, and ardica to calm inflamation of those annoying bites and irritations. It also helps with any sort of itching or swelling, so could be nice to load up on before a hike. Similar to the OG Mosquito Repellent, this product is available for preorder as it’s gone out of stock (blame the TikTokers) but you can still buy the Relief Patches if you’re itchy for some comfort.


Cloud Cover SPF 35 Body Sunscreen—$28.

Okay, confession time: while I adore Kinfield’s entire line for its environmental durability and similar, I must admit the Cloud Cover is tourist-level opaque. Your skin will be white. However, we’re too obsessed to let this stand in our way, and TBH, it’s kind of nice to know exactly where you’ve forgotten to apply. Nothing’s worse than getting home and spying one bright red patch you completely forgot to reach with a spray bottle. 


Sunglow SPF 35 Luminizing Face Sunscreen—$28.

Personally, as someone who lives in Hawai’i and grew up in Florida, I’m ultra-sensitive to UV protection at all times; I simply have to slather myself in sunscreen if I even step foot outside—and try to keep in mind that much of the damage can even occur by sitting next to a window. You simply always have to remember a facial sunscreen. Bonus points for reducing physical aging (crows’ feet and more) and providing an excellent base layer for makeup. 

This luminizing lotion from Kinfield is a stellar option because it gives you a summer ready glow in one simple step. Of course, each product is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, cruelty, and is vegan to boot.


Daily Dew SPF 35 Hydrating Face Sunscreen—$26.

Out of Kinfield’s line of SPFs, this one is my favorite, with its formula being thinner and more slippery than the others (and therefore more subtle once absorbed.)  True to form, it’s…dewy and ideal for slathering on before my daily dip in the ocean. It’s a facial sunscreen minus the glow, but the hydration definitely has that je ne sais quoi we adore. If you’ve ever lusted after Hailey Bieber’s “glazed donut” vibe, this is for you. 


Lip Rescue Healing Balm—$16.

As I write this, my lips are far too chapped, even during the summer. Enter Kinfield’s Lip Rescue Balm, based on a blend of shea butter, mango seed butter, and jojoba oil to comfort and hydrate lips (instead of petroleum, like most balms.) It’s clear, with a light and gentle mint scent that’s refreshing on the lips.

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