What to Wear Skiing–And How to Shop for it on Online Resale Sites

What to Wear Skiing–And How to Shop for it on Online Resale Sites

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From the early days of wool stirrup pants to today’s Gortex-heavy street style, the relationship between style and skiing has forever been part of why we love the sport. The mountain plays home to a score of snow-obsessed gals, repping a variety of discipline-specific aesthetics and trends. Not to mention, the collective evolution of on-mountain styles as we shed layers for spring skiing. With so many styles and degrees of seasonal dressing, you might be wondering what to wear skiing. Whatever your style and aesthetic might be, virtual consignment marketplaces are the perfect place to shop for your ski wardrobe. Especially if you are looking for a deal on unique items, these secondhand sites can be a great place to enhance your snow wardrobe. And what’s cuter than extending the lifecycle of outdoor fashion!? 

For those without experience with virtual marketplaces for secondhand style, shopping on these sites can either feel a bit overwhelming or like a total goldmine. And we’re here to help it turn into the latter. Just like sifting through racks in a consignment shop, your success in scoring the best items comes down to having an idea of what you’re looking for. Depending on what brands and conditions you want to purchase (prioritizing style, design, quality, and warmth), here are my suggestions on how to reduce your fashion footprint by finding baselayers, outerwear, and ski accessories on resale sites.


Women’s Ski Baselayers

Our Fav Brands to Search For: MatekKari TraaWe NorwegiansMons RoyaleSmart WoolFalkeArc’teryxLe BentSweaty Betty.

What you layer under your outerwear can make or break your day on the mountain. Whatever time of season you’re recreating, having the appropriate base layers can enhance your day in the snow by keeping you dry and warm. When searching for baselayers on resale sites, make sure to include “merino” or “wool” in your search for the highest quality garments with the longest life. While merino and natural fibers offer odor control and are the most environmentally-friendly choice, extra-fast drying wool blends and synthetic fibers are great for high-intensity activities like big mountain and nordic skiing. Use the keywords “poly wool” or “wool blend” in addition to the keyword “baselayer” to find garments with these specs.


Women’s Ski Outerwear

Our Fav Brands to Search For: HoldenCordovaHalfdaysMountain HardwearArc’teryxBognerPerfect MomentGoldberghHelly HansenFire+IceArmadaBurtonFusalpRossignolCanada GooseErin SnowJetset

If you’re like me, you have a rotating wardrobe of activity-specific outerwear that functions with purpose and style. Whether I’m charging hard on the hill and need lightweight water-wicking layers, or I’m skiing a half day of groomers and need extra warmth, I need my outerwear to perform in all conditions. So, let’s get into the architecture of a ski outfit. The first (and most important) step in choosing your outerwear is thinking through your intended use. Will you be on the groomers? In the side country? Hiking? Hitting a patio for aprés? 

Wherever you’ll be on the mountain, managing your warmth and comfort is the top priority before making aesthetic decisions. Personally, I keep a set of Mountain Hardwear Gortex shell jacket and bibs for powder days, windy days, and high-intensity skiing. On really warm days or when I’m ski touring, I opt for my Mountain Hardwear shell bibs with a super light Arc’Teryx down jacket to tuck into my bibs. When searching for technical apparel, I pull from these keywords: insulated, gortex, shell, ventilation, water resistant, bib, tech, and technical. Narrow down this list based on the material and fit you’re looking for, or try swapping different keywords with different brands for a bit of fashion roulette! 

For leisure and early spring ski days, I wear a pair of Holden soft-shell ski pants and a Holden down jacket. These are the keywords I suggest mixing and matching for less technical outwear: set, softshell, stretch, down, puffer, and slim fit. Investing in the correct pieces of outerwear can improve your comfort, range of motion, and longevity on the hill, but it is possible to just have a few pieces that you can mix and match depending on the weather. Let’s jump in on how to score the best luxury and vintage outerwear for resale. 


Let’s Talk Luxury.

If you’re looking for luxury pieces, I would start your search on The RealReal. This secondhand virtual marketplace is known for its high-quality, authenticated luxury garments. On The RealReal, you won’t be shopping directly with the owner or the item, and instead will shop from a curated interface managed by the company. This allows them to accept free returns, which is helpful when you’re buying expensive items that you want to be 100% sure about. 

When searching on The RealReal, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for, since the site doesn’t auto-populate like-items. AKA you won’t get similar suggestions if your search doesn’t bring up the exact item. Try researching the item on the brand’s website and collecting the exact name of the item and specific color to input into the search bar on The RealReal for the best results.


It Was Worth the Daydream.

If you’re looking for more technical or vintage pieces, head straight to eBay and Poshmark. These are the best resale sites for finding one-of-a-kind pieces and items from both mass-produced and niche brands. My best finds on eBay and Poshmark have come from using a variety of keyword combinations. On these sites, you have the option to narrow down your search by garment theme and material, which will help lead you to subgenres and super-unique items. Once you’ve cracked the code of keyword combinations and practiced a bit of patience, I promise you can score on luxury and like-new items on these sites. On eBay and Poshmark, you’ll be shopping directly from the seller, so you’ll have the option of sending them a private offer and negotiating price and shipping, too. If buying luxury items on eBay and Poshmark, don’t forget to ask for authentication before purchasing! 


Women’s Ski Accessories

Our Fav Brands to Search For: TotemeFusalpMatekTopo DesignsMonclerEisbarHestraKULEArc’TeryxBolleVallonOakleyMonclerMoon Boot.

Last but not least, top off your on-slope look with aprés-ready accessories. You can find everything from sunglasses to gloves to fur headbands on any of these sites. If you’re looking for specific name-brand accessories and want to make sure you’re getting the real deal, The RealReal will have the best selection of authenticated goods. These items are professionally authenticated prior to hitting their storefront, so rest assured–you’ll be getting exactly what you’re paying for. 

If you’re looking for funky, vintage accessories like fur hats, leather gloves, or unconventional eye protection, eBay and Poshmark are treasure troves for quirky and vintage items. Think vintage Bogner or Y2K Oakley sunglasses. If you’re looking for trending vintage or streetwear, I also suggest using Poshmark and eBay. If you’re buying vintage on these sites, it’s common to find sellers pricing items in their shop below their actual value, so do your research and bid fairly. 

Try these keywords depending on what type of accessory you’re searching for, and don’t forget to narrow your search by specifically searching within the “women’s accessories” tabs on resale sites: knit, beanie, neckie, apres, apres ski, ski, balaclava, vintage, gorpcore, gorp, snow, headband, fur, retro, athleisure.


Bonus: The Perfect Women’s Ski Sweater

Our Fav Brands to Search For: Perfect MomentPolo Ralph LaurenKhaiteWe NorwegiansBanana RepublicCOSJil Sander, Dale of NorwayJ.CrewWhite + WarrenTory BurchAlp N RockJW AndersonMarni

If you’re seeking the perfect aprés ski sweater (I know we can all relate) you will find excellent hand-knit and vintage sweaters on eBay, Poshmark, and Depop. If you’re looking for a name-brand or luxury ski sweater, eBay, Poshmark, and The RealReal will have the criteria you’re looking for. Search these trusted brands using the keywords “vintage, knit, cashmere, 100% wool, wool blend, ski, apres ski, apres, ski sweater, hand knit, merino, nordic, crew neck, turtleneck, striped, and solid”  to refine your search. Pro tip: cashmere is a great layering piece for a quick transition from the slope to apres ski. On super cold days, I wear a basic cashmere crewneck over my merino mock neck Mons Royale baselayer top for temperature control and a cozy chic look. 

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