Girlfriend Collective Just Dropped Their Bestsellers in the Prettiest New Color That’ll Have You Feeling Ready for Spring

Girlfriend Collective Just Dropped Their Bestsellers in the Prettiest New Color That’ll Have You Feeling Ready for Spring

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You might know Girlfriend Collective as the activewear brand that makes stylish leggings, exercise dresses, outerwear, puffers and more, all with a focus on sustainability. Whether you’re already a GC devotee or you’re just hearing about them now, you’ll want to shop their latest collection that dropped this month. 

They’ve released some of their bestselling items in the prettiest new color that’s absolutely perfect for spring. It’s aptly called “Wild Iris.” The bright blue-purple color will be your favorite new motivator when you really don’t feel like heading to your workout class or on that hike you promised your friend you’d go on. I know I’m more motivated to get a run in when I have a cute workout fit ready to go!

Like almost all of Girlfriend Collective’s releases, the Wild Iris drop was immediately popular. Unfortunately, that means some items are already sold out in several sizes. But here’s the good news: You can sign up via email to be notified when there’s a restock in your size. Plus, all of these items are available in other colors, so if it’s the shape or style of the garment you like more than the color, you’ll almost certainly be able to grab one that makes you feel good.


Our 10 favorite Girlfriend Collective Items in Wild Iris, at a glance:

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Girlfriend Collective — Compressive High-Rise Leggings in Wild Iris — $78 

One of Girlfriend Collective’s fan-favorite items is this pair of leggings, and it’s easy to see why. The extra-high-rise waistband and compressive fabric ensures that your bottoms will stay put no matter what you’re doing. (Real talk: If you’ve ever had a pair of leggings that slipped down while you were doing yoga or running, you know that it’s truly the worst). 

These leggings also come with a small hidden back pocket to keep your keys or card safe during a workout. Like most of Girlfriend Collective’s items, these leggings are made partially from recycled plastic bottles along with spandex. The end result is this sweat-wicking, squat-proof pair that has thousands of 5‑star reviews on Girlfriend Collective’s website. 


Girlfriend Collective — Tommy Dress in Wild Iris — $88

I’ve been trying to talk myself into an exercise dress for a while now, and this gorgeous purple dress might finally be the one. First of all, it has pockets! Plus, I love the look of the square neckline and the side panels that create a form-fitting look. Unlike lots of athletic wear, this is something I could see myself putting on for a date or happy hour with friends. But it’s also designed for more intense activities like hiking, long walks, golf, or even running. One reviewer shared, “Obsessed with this dress. It’s extremely comfortable — I was worried the compression would feel too tight, but it’s actually great. Super smoothing and feels snug enough to keep everything in place when you’re running, but nowhere near strangling!”


Girlfriend Collective — Compressive Pocket Legging in Wild Iris — $88

These leggings are similar to the compressive high-rise leggings featured above, save for one important detail: pockets. This design features two deep side pockets that can fit your phone, earbuds, gels for running, keys, money, and other small essentials. 

Like many of Girlfriend Collective’s items, these sustainable leggings can be recycled with the brand’s ReGirlfriend program. When you eventually decide it’s time to part ways with your GC leggings or other items from the brand, you can send them back to the company, and they’ll recycle your used stuff into a new piece of clothing. You’ll be keeping your clothes out of landfills, and you’ll get a $15 credit as a thank-you. 


Girlfriend Collective — Trail Short in Wild Iris — $55 

These practical and pretty moisture-wicking shorts have a built-in compressive lining and have a zippered back pocket to hold keys or other small items. They’re ideal for hiking, tennis, or anything else you want to do, though they’re especially great for running — the product description notes they’re “marathon-inspired.” 


Girlfriend Collective — Bike Unitard in Wild Iris — $78 

Nothing makes me feel like the main character more than biking around New York City in the spring and summer. And I have to say, wearing this gorgeous blue-purple outfit is definitely going to increase my main character energy. This unitard is made with 79% recycled plastic bottles and 21% spandex and it even has a built-in bra. 


Girlfriend Collective — Weekend Wrap Skort in Wild Iris — $62

How cute is this? The side bow is ideal if you’re wanting to try out the Balletcore trend that’s all over TikTok. Of course, you don’t need to be a ballerina to wear this comfortable skort that’s meant for activities of all kinds. I could totally see this on the golf course, tennis court, or even on a hike. One reviewer (who bought the item in a different color) shared, “This was an impulse buy, but I think it’s my favorite item from Girlfriend. I wore this skort almost nonstop over the summer—on hikes and walks, at the gym, and out for casual hangs/drinks.” 


Girlfriend Collective — Bianca One Shoulder Bra in Wild Iris — $42 

A good sports bra is a must-have. And one that’s actually cute and under $50 should be added to your cart immediately. This supportive bra, like the brand’s leggings, is made with a combination of recycled water bottles and spandex. The product description does note that this bra (which you could also wear as a crop top, just saying) is meant for low-impact workouts. So I’d rock this while bicycling or on a long walk, and maybe opt for something else when I’m running. 


Girlfriend Collective — Compressive Flare Leggings in Wild Iris — $78 

We may be just a few months into 2023, but I’m ready to say my favorite fashion trend of the year is the revival of flared leggings and pants. (I’m actually wearing flared leggings as I write this, and I’m 100% ready to add this bright pair from Girlfriend Collective to my rotation.) In addition to the funky  flare shape, these also feature a small key pocket and are recyclable with the ReGirlfriend program. Rock them when you’re lifting weights at the gym (yes, they’re squat-proof too) or headed to your next workout class. Anyone down for Pilates?


Girlfriend Collective — Gazelle Short in Wild Iris — $55

These classic workout shorts are ideal if you prefer a slightly looser fit when it comes to your exercise wardrobe. They feature a drawstring waist and a built-in underwear lining, along with two zippable pockets to hold all your must-haves.


Girlfriend Collective — Birdie Woven Skort in Wild Iris — $58

This breezy skort adds a preppy vibe to any activity, whether you’re on the golf course or just on a hot girl walk around your neighborhood. It’s made with a little bit of spandex for shaping, plus recycled materials. One reviewer shared, “It’s loose but in a comfy-cute way not a falling-off-me way. It’s a short and flirty look. I like the way it’s fitted in the legs but the skirt is floaty and light — I feel so good in it. And I LOVE the pockets!” 

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