Making the Most of Slushy Snow: What to Wear Skiing this Spring

Making the Most of Slushy Snow: What to Wear Skiing this Spring

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You’ve spent all season bundling up and at this point you’re used to the cold. Relatives from warmer places call and sympathize saying they “have no idea how you do it” but, hey now, it’s March already: honestly, 30 degrees has started to feel like 70 to you, which means your usual gazillion layers are way. too. hot.

So what’s a gal to do? Here’s how to strip down your mega puffy ski suit into a fun and breezy spring skiing fit from head to toe.

The Spring Skiing Edit:


TREW Cap Tech Edition - now $39.

First thing’s first, I suggest finding a good, thin, flat billed hat. I usually take the little ear pads out of my helmet and put on a hat underneath my helmet. Not only does this block out the sun, it gives  your head some more breathability. I love this one by Trew Gear that comes in three cute colors. It doesn’t have a button on the top, meaning that it won’t dig into  the top of your head. The ergonomic fit makes it ultra comfy, and the moisture wicking sweatband and breathable fabric make it the perfect springtime lid. Also, the print on the front hat is reflective, making it awesome for runs and walks around sunrise and sunset. 

I’m also pretty obsessed with these hats by Ciele. They’re really comfortable hats made for high output activities like running and hiking therefore would be perfect for, you guessed it—spring skiing!


Chariot Bib PRIMO - now $499.

Next, I recommend finding an alternative pair of pants to wear other than your usual (likely insulated) ones. Bibs are a great compromise if you’re looking to make a statement. With yet another winner, Trew Gear comes in clutch with these bold ones, which look so cute with a sweater underneath. They’re both breathable and super waterproof, not to mention made of 100% recycled woven membrane

Another alternative for really hot days when you know it won’t snow is a spunky pair of leggings. I love this pair with neon-colored stars. Wear them with a bold jacket and inspire a fun day in the sun. 

If technical bibs aren’t your style, and it’s a little too cold for just leggings, spring is the perfect excuse to try out one of these absolutely epic one piece suits by Cordova. The stripes down the side and buckled belt make it a super flattering silhouette. I’m obsessed with colors, so I’d totally go for purple, but if you’re looking for something a little bit more versatile and sleek, go with the black!


Glossier Original Pink Hoodie - $55.

One way to make your ski outfit cooler for spring is to replace your jacket with a sweatshirt or sweater. I have and love this pink sweatshirt by Glossier (A.K.A.  my fave beauty brand on planet earth) that easily transitions from a fun ski sweatshirt to chill aprés outfit. Sweatshirts tend to pair well with cute bibs (see above)! 

For a less casual look, I suggest a wool sweater like this beautiful one by Devold. It’s made of 100% pure Norwegian wool which means it’s wicking and toasty at the same time. The black and white one would look really cute on top of the one piece listed above while sitting slopeside with a spiked hot chocolate.



Minty | High Pile Mitt - $54.

I just got these mittens for spring myself. They're super cozy but not too thick and feel breathable at the seams. If not for skiing, they’re perfect for driving on days when your steering wheel feels frozen since they have a reinforced palm and thumb.  My white pair has gotten a little dirty, so I’d recommend the darker color if you plan to make a lot of snowballs. They’re easy to pull on and off, match everything I wear, and somehow (despite the fact that they’re mittens) are quite dextrous.


The Heavy Tropix - $109.

If you’re doing more hanging out than skiing, having a fun pair of sunglasses can pull the pieces of a spring skiing outfit together. I’ve had a crush on Crap Eyewear for a long time. Ever since my friend bought these I’ve been jealous, but now this style is on my wishlist. This quirky brand makes high quality shades in trendy shapes and smart colors. 

If you plan to do a good bit of skiing but want to pare down your otherwise bulky goggle situation, I suggest considering glacier goggles. I have contacts, making it hard for me to ski in sunglasses (since they tend to dry out then fall out due to freezing winds), and glacier goggles are  the perfect compromise. Vaurnet’s designs are true works of art that will be a timeless addition to your accessory closet for years to come.


Star Bum Bag - $150.

Last but not least, I give you the perfect solution to your lack-of-pocket situation while spring skiing: the fanny pouch. They’re no stranger to the mainstream purse scene but for skiing, they’re a little under utilized IMO!. 

This fanny pack by Perfect Moment is so much fun. My little sister got  it to match her red ski coat. It is quite small, so you’ll want to consider how much you’d like to have on hand. On the opposite end of the spectrum, this one by baggu is literally like Mary Poppin’s purse. My friend claims she fits an entire jacket in hers.

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