Tune In: Playlists For Every Vibe on Vacation

Tune In: Playlists For Every Vibe on Vacation

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Are you the type who can’t start driving until you’ve found the *perfect* playlist to match your mood? Yeah, us too. From our morning wake-up soundtracks to our after-party playlists, we know the importance of setting a precise vibe for every moment of the day, especially while on vacation. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of putting together your next series of playlists, all expertly matched to the different phases of your trip: the slow morning, the midday cabin (or Airbnb or hotel room) hangout, and the late-night dance party. 

Save each to Spotify below. 

The Best Music and Playlists for a Cabin (or Ski, or Surf, or Anything) Trip

The Wake Up Slow Playlist

Pop the cinnamon rolls in the oven and hit play— your slow cabin morning starts with these sounds.  With music from artists like Fleetwood Mac, Maggie Rogers, The Rolling Stones, and Frank Ocean, there is a little something for everyone. 

The In-Between Moves Grooves 

The perfect playlist for when your next plans aren't... well... planned yet. Those afternoons spent snacking and chatting, the round of cards before going out to dinner, the hot tub happy hour after skiing— all of those small, enjoyable moments between plans made better by great music

The Après Après Party Playlist

Keep the party going back at the cabin with songs that make it feel like you never left the après. This disco-house-inspired playlist has everything you need to dance till dawn.

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