New Year, More You.

New Year, More You.

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This week, the greens at the grocery store will be flying off the shelves, the gym will be packed, and to some degree we’ll all make promises that will likely be forgotten, exclaiming with naive optimism, “This year will be different!” We all know how it ends, yet the annual “new year, new me” hype is almost impossible to ignore. 

With everyone making resolutions for change, it feels like we should too. But why? We don’t need to change (who are we, your ex?) and we certainly don’t need to strive for an unattainable, unrecognizable version of ourselves. In fact, we’d argue the opposite.

Rather than burn ourselves out trying to shed our already glowing skin, why not focus on becoming more of who we already are today? By making space for the things that center us we can let our best selves shine day in and day out.  

Instead of new year, new me. We’re choosing new year, more me

After all, this is a New Year resolution, not a 30-day boot camp. Promises should be enjoyable and sustainable enough to last the whole 365, so we can spend the year enriching our life, not restraining it. 

How are we putting this into practice? Ultimately, how you become more of yourself is up to you (as it should be), but we have some ideas to help you get started. 

Our 2024 Resolutions

Make Time for Connection and Community

There’s no one secret to living a long and happy life, but we do know connection and community play a big role in the matter. Even if you’re a certified introvert, you can still benefit from routine socialization.  Maybe you’ll vow to schedule more Facetime calls with your long-distant best friend or you’ll finally attend that outdoor meetup you’ve been thinking about (yay!)— whatever you choose, we’re sure your days will feel fuller (in a good way) because of it. 

Try That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Try 

We all have that one thing that we’ve wanted to try but always seem to make excuses for skipping. Maybe it’s a lack of opportunity, or more likely, for fear of embarrassing ourselves. We know the feeling, but it shouldn’t hold you back from experiencing a potential new favorite interest. You’re bound to embarrass yourself at least once while trying something new, so get comfortable with the idea of laughing when it happens and finally take the plunge. Even if you end up hating it, you’ll be proud that you had the courage to try. 

Get Growing

Invest in what you already love by learning something new. If you love to ski, take a ski lesson, or better, attend a multi-day ski camp (that’s what we’re doing). If you love to cook, book a cooking class or try a new recipe. However you choose to level up, remember, you’re still meant to enjoy it. You can challenge yourself and still have fun. Set realistic goals for yourself and take breaks when you’re feeling tapped out—it’s all about balance

Lean Into Your Personal Style (and Ditch the Trends)

Nothing makes us feel more like ourselves than our personal style. Take some time this year to figure out what exactly makes up your personal style (we love the 3-word method from Allison Borstein) and use that to guide your styling and shopping this year. You’ll look and feel your best because of it. 

Travel Back to Your Favorite Places

With the nature of social media, it’s easy to think we always need to be traveling somewhere new (and posting about it), but there’s no shame in being a little predictable. Take a trip back to your favorite place and visit all of the same spots (with or without posting about it). 

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