The Best Games to Play on a Cabin Trip

The Best Games to Play on a Cabin Trip

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If there is one thing Tiktok has taught us (Who are we kidding? We learn everything on Tiktok), it’s that no life experience is unique. Somehow, we have a relatable sequence for every stage of life. There was the “quicksand is a serious threat to my livelihood” phase, the “my mom is my mortal enemy” phase, and at some point throughout growing up, there was the “board games are incredibly boring” phase. 

For most of us, this was just a phase. As we grew into adulthood, we stopped rolling our eyes at everything mom recommended (goodbye, teenage angst) and realized games are a great way to pass the time (hello, mature adulthood). As Mom would say, they’re just good, clean fun— and we can’t help but agree! 

If you didn’t grow out of this phase, we get it. Sometimes, tipping the scales is simply a matter of being introduced to the right games for your playing preferences. Personal recommendations are everything! Re: why we love Tiktok so much. So whether you already love games or still need some convincing, we have the recs you need to make your next night-in at the cabin a wholesome success.

The Best Games to Play Alone

Need some alone time? Keep your peace and still have fun with games that only require one person to play. 

The Best Games for Couples or Small Groups

Head on a romantic getaway? Or a couples’ vacation? These games, best played with 2-4 people, are perfect for pairs.  

The Best Games for Groups: 

Tired of the same old drinking games? These board games are a great way to bring the group together without (or alongside) getting drunk. 

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