Dig In: The Best Recipes to Make at a Cabin

Dig In: The Best Recipes to Make at a Cabin

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In my family, we have a running “joke” on every vacation (I say “joke” because it’s not that funny, like at all), and the “joke” is that it’s not a true family vacation unless someone asks what we’re having for dinner before we’ve finished breakfast. Inevitably, the question is asked every.single.time. And then almost as predictably, someone responds, “You must be an Eiting.”  The bit should have died YEARS ago but probably never will because we apparently can’t stop asking the dang question. 

For those of you who don’t know me, hi! My name is Madeleine Eiting, I’m the founder of PLEIN AIR. And my last name is pronounced eye-ting not eating. Although, the joke might actually be funny if it were the other way around.

Food has always played a major role in my trip planning because of the old Eiting Family trope, thus the tradition of meticulously mapping out every vacation meal carries on with me. From girls' trips to romantic getaways, I schedule all of our activities around what we’ll eat (and when we’ll eat it). Finding the best restaurant for après ski apps, making group dinner reservations ahead of time,  and coordinating the at-home cooking schedule—these are all things I look forward to when planning a vacation. 

Despite how it sounds, I’m not fishing for an invite to your next holiday vacation by toting what I bring to the table, although I’d happily take one if it were offered. I’m sharing this because I know these aren’t everyone’s favorite parts of planning, especially when it comes to commanding a kitchen. Even if they are your favorite parts, it’s still nice to find inspiration in the ways of recipe sharing. 

With that (and our holiday getaway guide: cabin fervor) in mind, I’ve put together some of my favorite meals to make and share while staying at a cozy cabin retreat. Bon appetit!

The Best Breakfast Recipes to Make on a Cabin Trip

Breakfast Burritos

Banana Pancakes

The Best Lunch Recipes to Make on a Cabin Trip

Pear, Apple, and Avocado Spinach Salad

White Chicken Chili

Roasted Garlic and Kale Caesar Salad

The Best Dinner Recipes to Make on a Cabin Trip

Crispy Cauliflower Tinga Tacos

Creamy Sausage Rigatoni

Thai Chicken Curry Soup

Dutch Oven Mac and Cheese

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