The Hat that Will Complete Every Winter Outfit in Your Closet

The Hat that Will Complete Every Winter Outfit in Your Closet

Image Credit: Tio Lee
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I’m headed into my fourth Wyoming winter with full awareness that, for the next eight months, I will wear a hat every single day. And let me tell you – my beanies have seen better days. Whether I’m sweating in them ski touring or they’re freezing on the outside or they’re balled up at the bottom of my gym bag, they’ve been through a lot. 

Good thing that Brooklyn-based sustainable hat brand, Tio Lee, has designed the most beautiful, versatile, stylish, warm, and structured winter hats on the market in addition to other apparel, too. 

The Fargo Hat and Other Classics:

The Classic: The Fargo Hat - $125.

In their own words, Tio Lee created a “classic” that will become a staple in the closet of anyone who buys one. The Fargo Hat is made up of a warm and cozy fleece blend derived from recycled materials and wool, specifically, GRS certified, 80% recycled poly-fleece and 20% virgin wool blend. This hat is comfortable and easily packable making it perfectly suited for scraping ice off your sidewalk, strolling to the local bakery while snowflakes gently fall, or folded beautifully in the suitcase you take on your ski trip to Switzerland. 

Tio Lee thought all the little things through when designing this hat. One of my favorite elements of these hats is that they’re structured, holding their stylish shape, but also won’t be damaged if you fold them. This hat comes in three sizes, and you can discern your perfect fit by using the sizing guide linked on the Tio Lee website.

Furthermore, Tio Lee even set out to mitigate the number one reason I hate wearing a winter hat every day – the itch! The interior of every Fargo hat is fully lined with soft satin and a 100% cotton headband, which helps prevent itching and regulate your temperature. This means you’ll no longer enter a building and have to rip off your hat in a sweaty fury only to be left with sprigs of flattened, sticky hat hair. 

Since you’ll be wearing this hat nearly every day (or at least every day of your ski trip) let’s dive into the cleaning and maintenance process that this hat deserves. Approach stains with spot cleaning and cold water. If you decide your hat needs a full cycle in the washing machine, be sure and set your settings to “delicate.” Finally, be sure and air dry at room temperature. In other words, be patient while your hat dries and don’t rush out into the freezing world again until it’s fully fluffed up again. 

Y’all know by now that I’m a color girl – when it comes to bright colors I just can’t get enough. I anticipate Pantone’s announcement of “Color of the Year” with the same joyful, wondrous hope a child anticipates Christmas morning. I’m thrilled to share that Tio Lee is absolutely nailing the color (and neutrals) game. Let’s get into it. 

The “mustard” yellow, “ciele” blue, and “caution” orange are the boldest of the bunch begging to make a statement alongside your other winter staples. I think the caution color is the perfect name considering it stays blatantly: “I will match very few things in your closet, but I will make your life a lot more fun.”

The “ciele” blue is designed for me seeing as it would match my eyes (and every other blue item I own). And as for the “mustard”, I’ll be buying that one for my best friend. If anyone has tips on gathering a friend’s hat size without their knowledge, let me know. 

If I weren’t such a blue girl, the colored I’d 100% pick is the sage green. Although this green does not match the green of the sage bushes here in Jackson Hole, it’s a deep, beautiful tone nonetheless and would compliment the browns and whites of my more neutral jackets. While we’re on the topic of how trendy brown is at the moment, let’s acknowledge how gorgeous the “cocoa” color of The Fargo Hat is. 

Now for the neutrals. If I had to rank them, I’d say that the black is the most versatile, then the white, then the beige. Of course, it’s always risky to go with white as it will show stains the most and that’s just not really setting up your best hat up for success. For the price of $125, you’re going to want to get a color that can hang around for a long time. Ever since I bought a beige, cropped vest last week i’ve been in love with beige so I’d place it third on my list of colors right behind “ciele” blue and “sage” green. I’ll leave you to your own personal color preferences now. 

In addition to being a sustainable brand that is intention with its materials and designs, Tio Lee aims to make an impact in the world by donating $2 for every hat sold to “The Brooklyn to Alaska Project.” The Brooklyn to Alaska Project has led over 100 Brooklyn youth on treks through the wilderness of Alaska. This mission of getting folks outside is what we’re all about here at Plein Air, and we’re thrilled this epic hat brand aligns with that, too.

Tio Lee is intentional with its products, so it focuses on making a few items well. I’d be a miss to not mention their beautiful Rockaway Set which is now available in “brushed denim”. This button down and short matching pair is made, just like Tio Lee’s hats, and is designed to withstand the pressure of street style and adventurous trails, too. 

Take a gander at the Tio Lee site and join us in getting  stoked for winter! It’s going to be our best one yet.

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