Pack Heavy, Chase Light

Pack Heavy, Chase Light

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What’s your bucket list trip? What’s that one adventure that feels like it might take your entire lifetime – of working, saving, planning, organizing, coordinating, considering, anticipating, and hoping – to make happen? What is holding you back? 

For me, it’s the culmination of it all—needing a buddy, a break from work, money for flights and lodging, the right gear, and the right way to carry that gear. Someday, but not now. 

But let’s break it down: You have amazing friends, you’re probably good at negotiating time off when you really want it, you know how to save a little every month, you’ve spent your life gathering gear you love. And as for the luggage – I have the answer too. 

Db is a Scandinavian bag brand that makes space for your gear to go far so you can pack up and explore the world in all of your favorite ways. We’re stoked to add Db gear to our marketplace and wanted to properly offer them a warm welcome to Plein Air. 

The History:

Engineer Truls Brataas and freeski legend Jon Olsson first met on a surfing trip in Norway. In 2011, they put their heads together and decided it was time to up the adventure gear packing game with backpacks, carry bags, luggage, and accessories designed for snow, surf, travel, photography, and skate adventures. It’s not easy to pack up a surfboard or a pair of skis and take them halfway around the world. But these founders decided that it should be—because traveling and adventure are essential to a life well lived. 

This independently owned company grew fast and now includes a team of 60 people stationed at headquarters in some of the most inspiringly beautiful and adventurous places in the world: Stockholm, London, San Francisco, Chamonix and Ericeira. 

The Mission:

Db’s mission poetically mirrors ours. They’re all about enabling the journey (your journey.) Db was founded to enable meaningful journeys and has been bold enough to ebb and flow to understand the ways the world is politically and environmentally demanding change. 

Committed to a number of environmental goals, they aim to “Do better” for “our people, our planet, and the place you [we] go.” These include accelerating their transition to renewable energy and decreasing overall carbon emissions toward net zero by 2050, reducing energy usage per product sold by 3% annually, implementing solutions to reduce water usage, and reducing waste in production thereby implementing a circular business model. Db also considers the ways that differing beliefs, turmoil between countries, and Covid have impacted our orientation toward travel and recognize that although it’s more challenging than it used to be, it is worth it. 

The Products:

Everything, I mean everything, that Db offers is impeccably designed. With Scandinavian roots all of their luggage and bags are ready for the most intense of adventures with pouches and pockets and clips and wheels and straps and zippers in all the right places. But here’s the thing – they don’t give off any sort of “intense” vibe. Db’s designs are delightfully smart and shockingly beautiful at the same time. If anything, I’d say wearing or carrying a Db bag would give me more “I can do anything and I look good too” energy. It’s no surprise that right off the bat they began winning awards for their designs and their subsequent, exponential growth. 

Let’s dive into a few of the top products. 

AKA my Christmas Wish List:

Snow Roller 70L Black Out - $249

Db kicked off their company with this ski bag which exemplifies Db as a whole. It is designed to carry two bags of skis with ease. It’s structured to protect your skis while making it possible for you to navigate a packed airport or bustling train station with this bag and another for all the rest of your clothes and cute outfits. Specifically, it’s equipped with Db’s “hook-up system” which allows you to connect another Db product to this ski bag making them into one, easy to carry unit. Its length is adjustable to any ski size and, with nothing in it, rolls up into the size of a small dog. I’m 100% sold on this one and can’t wait to decide if I’ll make a statement with the “falu red” or go with the “moss green.” Either way, this bag makes my European ski trip dreams come true. 

Ramverk Carry-on Black Out - $399.

Sitting second on my list is the Ramverk Carry-on. It’s their smallest suitcase and it’s a tough one. It includes a TSA approved lock for security, a 16” laptop compartment and ultra silent Japanese Hinomoto 360-degree wheels. This little luggage piece packs a punch when it comes to durability and is the type of piece you’ll invest in once then love for a lifetime. It’s designed for shorter trips, but I always bring a backpack along on bigger adventures for the important stuff, and this one is suited perfectly for that job. Considering that handles are often the most finicky (most likely to break) parts of a suitcase, let’s have a moment for the handle. This custom designed, telescopic handle can handle… anything!

Hugger 1st Generation Backpack 25L Fogbow Beige - $209

This backpack is a Db classic and one they deem: “The world’s fastest selling backpack.” Designed by skiers with skiers and other adventurers in mind, this pack is designed to keep your items easily accessible and protected, too. The “ribcage” design means you can easily partially or fully unzip it any time and personally of an insect which I find intriguing. It’s a bag designed to be in nature, inspired by nature. It’s also equipped with the all-important “hook-up system” which means it’s ready to latch to your ski bag like a cute little barnacle. 

We’re ecstatic to be adventure buddies with Db and are already scheming big time adventures reliant on their packs. They’ve mashed the expertise of professional athletes with the non-compromising design mind of an engineer and we couldn’t be more in love. 

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