The Top Après Boots We’re Currently Loving

The Top Après Boots We’re Currently Loving

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The après boot is a big decision.

For one, any quality weatherproof boot is generally on the expensive side; insulation and snow-resistant materials take a lot of time, effort, and material to produce. You may only splurge on one pair that you’ll use trip after trip, year after year. 

Similarly, your legs have been through a lot after skiing, so you’ll want to make sure that you pick a boot that will either support your recovery—or say to hell with it and pick the cutest, most dramatic pair you can find, comfort be damned.

Shearling or puffer? Tall or short? Leather or nylon? Wherever you land, here are 5 editor-curated picks to take you from the slopes to the fireside in style.

Moon Boot—Icon Nylon Boot—$175.

Why we love it: Celebrities love the Moon Boot, which is why it’s frequently appeared in luxury circles across Aspen, Jackson Hole, Deer Valley. You get the picture. Many also wear them as a hot-tubbing accessory, in just a bikini to boot. While we’ve seen them everywhere in 2022, the Moon Boot was actually created in the ’70s. The shape became popular after the Apollo 11 moon landing, and resurfaced as a Y2K style—so it’s no wonder Gen Z and beyond are allll over this look in multiple colors and styles. As a gal who loves anything chunky, I’ve been hovering over the checkout button myself.

Sorel—Brex Boot Cozy Lace Waterproof—$210.

Why we love it: Sorel is a favorite of skiers and snowboarders everywhere for its cold weather toughness. This is a best-of-both-worlds pick: normally we associate exterior shearling with indoor shoes rather than outdoor (because it’ll get wet and…gross) but this faux shearling design is actually waterproof, meaning that you’re not sacrificing function for style. The molded  leather cupsole has impressive traction for traipsing across snow, rocks, and more, meaning you don’t have to worry about slip-sliding after your second glass of champagne.

Oncept—The Boston—$375.

Why we love it: I first fell for New York-based shoe brand Oncept while skiing last year. I took their classic black Vienna style and the puffer Lima style for a spin. I was impressed by their ability to trek through the snow, and I’ve genuinely worn the Viennas to everything all year long. (You should know that the Limas run narrow but the others run true to size.) As a brand, I appreciate their commitment to sustainability and genuine eco-friendly materials, their minimalist tendencies, and their seasonal drops to keep everything fresh. (Oh, and did I mention that Oncept’s developed by the execs behind Dolce Vita?) This season, I have a major crush on their geohiker style the Boston, which yes, I have taken for a test run. The color combination’s gorgeous and adds a funky twist aligning with the current hiking sneaker trend, but it’s solid enough to wear in snow too.

Vans—Standard Mid V MTE Boot—$150.

Why we love it: Vans has roots in the skate community, which has significant overlap with the snow and ski crowd. So of course, we’ve got a little loyalty! Many already know and trust the brand for making durable everyday shoes, and their waterproof and water-repellant styles aren’t so different, so it’s an easy transition over to wintertime. These sporty mid boots look more like sneaks than boots, so bonus points for not being too bulky. They’re also perfect to throw in a carry-on for that reason, making them a capable choice for hitting every ski resort on your pass.

Fulton—The Classic Insole—$48.

Why we love it: Before you add all these to cart, a word of advice: you’ll thank us later if you throw a supportive insole into whatever shoes you do end up going with this season, snow boots or not. The cork insoles mold to the shape of your foot to provide a customized fit that will feel heavenly after a day in your skis.

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