Some Like It Hot: The Best Gifts for the Après Ski Hot-Tubber

Some Like It Hot: The Best Gifts for the Après Ski Hot-Tubber

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As much as we love the snow in our eyelashes, the cold wind reddening our cheeks, the exhilaration of conquering a run that’s scared us since we first strapped on our skis—is there anything better than getting back to the cabin (we mean chalet) and dipping into the hot tub?

Instant luxury. Effortless cool. Muscles unwinding. It’s a best of all worlds experience, one that defines the ski trip for many. That steamy, bubbling water does a whole lot of good, and suddenly you might find all your stresses from the year melting away. 

Although the hot tub is a prime example of simplicity making the world instantly better—it’s the little things for sure—you can still improve your experience with some select items. Whether you’re shopping for your favorite après skier, for yourself, or simply considering what all you need to throw in your duffel next time you head to Sun Valley, shop below for some of our favorite hot tub picks.


Shop the hot tub edit with 12 editor-approved favorites:

Hunter Merino Rib Beanie—$95.

Why we love it: We’re big Halfdays fangirls. Of course, we need a matching beanie to coordinate with our swimmies, parkas, ski pants, fleeces, neck warmers…oh no. We’ve already bought their entire line, so what’s one more? Keep your noggin cozy while you’re outside with this adorable hat which is crafted from 100 percent merino wool.

Left on Friday The Weekender Suit—$170.

Why we love it: Left on Friday prides itself on creating “do it all” swimwear—cute enough for lounging, performance-focused enough for sports. While I appreciate its versatility, I crush on this brand instead for its vibrant and extensive assortment of colorways; there’s a shade for everyone. Their suits also come in Regular or Tall (helpful for me because I’m 5’10), have a smoothing fit, and are easy to care for over time.

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3—$100. 

Why we love it: This small yet mighty speaker from Ultimate Ears has crisp sound quality, a powerful boom, and a 14-hour battery life. It’s tiny and light enough to fit in your personal item or carry on without weighing down your suitcase, so bonus points for being easy to cart around. Plus, here’s a cool feature that each Bluetooth-connected speaker has—you can link up yours to someone else’s for double the synced sound. House party vibes? The Outdoor Boost feature is also calibrated to have better sound in the great outdoors. 

Empire Estate Blanc de Blanc—$20.

Why we love it: I was introduced to this sparkling riesling in a very swanky boutique hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. Shortly after, I discovered it again in one of the most iconic restaurants in New York. It’s crisp and subtle in an almost universally pleasing way that’s made it a hit at holidays in my household. Better yet, it won’t give you the sugar headache or dehydration that’s intensified by sitting in a hot tub for hours. At approximately $20 a bottle (depending on your area), this Finger Lakes-based wine is relatively affordable too. I vetted this for you by drinking it in a hot tub myself—you’re welcome.

Pottery Barn Happy Hour Acrylic Champagne Flutes—$38 (was $48).

Why we love it: As much as I love the look and feel of glass, nobody wants to deal with broken shards. It’s also incredibly unsafe. Therefore, look no further than these shockingly elegant acrylic flutes in a set of 4 from Pottery Barn at a friendly on-sale price. I appreciate that they still look elevated enough to feel *fancy* and *special*. You wouldn’t even know they’re plastic.

Macy’s Hotel Collection Towels—$18 (was $36).

‘Cause baby, it’s cold outside. At a whopping 50 percent off, this hotel-quality towel is a steal. Months into using it (and many washes after), it’s still just as plush as after my first shower. The towel’s also super soft, ultra absorbent, and sustainable; the collection is MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified, meaning that they are tested and verified as free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances.

Olukai Pūpū Mua Slippers—$98 (was $130).

Why we love it: Hawai’ians know how  to do slippers right—and sustainably. These fuzzy mule slippers feel absolutely decadent, wrapped in shearling. A portion of each purchase goes back to support the islands, and a grippy bottom means you can traipse back to the house (or navigate any slip-slides) with ease.

LAKE Pajamas Pima Long Sleeve Weekend Nightgown—$88.

Why we love it: The best part of the post-hot tub chill and shiver is slipping into your softest, comfiest pair of pajamas. Your skin might be a little sensitive, so while I normally obsess over cashmere and knit two-pieces during alllll other aspects of a ski trip, I actually think the best choice for post-hot tub wear is a light pima cotton nightgown, like this one from LAKE Pajamas. It’ll give you honk shoo mimimimi type sleep. Thank me later.

Zadro Ultra Large Luxury Towel Warmer—$180.

Why we love it: A toasty towel channels instant luxury. And although we want to minimize the chill-on-skin moment of getting out of the tub, it’s a necessary evil in getting from point A (bubbles) to point B (couch). A towel warmer can keep a linen or two at a cozy temperature while you’re in the tub, an enormously helpful skill.

A.P. Chem microDOSE Magical Moisturizer—$75.

Why we love it: We love the hot tub, but we hate how dry and raw our skin can be after. Enter A.P. Chem, a science-forward “new kid” on the scene of skincare using psychedelic info (don’t worry, it won’t have psychedelic effects on you) to extract the highest possible benefits from natural ingredients. While the name inspires a little lite high school trauma, the brand’s proprietary blend of 8 multi-benefit mushroom extracts does some serious work on your face. The creamy texture feels incredible and rich right away, like your skin is pulling all the moisture out of the salve.

ARKIVE The Future Youth Treatment Mask—$22.

Why we love it: I hate feeling crunchy when I first step out of the hot tub; the chlorine can strip your hair of all its good stuff. This vegan-friendly hair mask uses a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, and baobab oil to provide extensive hydration and care for dry hair.

Goodland Hot Tub—$7,695.

Why we love it: Maybe you’re in the market for an actual hot tub, in which case, congratulations. You’ve made it. While the rest of us can only dream of these days of dropping Ks on a steamy little tub, we appreciate the grounded nature-centric aesthetic of the wood-burning Goodland Hot Tub. They’re based in Canada, so you know they do it right, and their entire shtick focuses on the slow living, wellness-focused power of connecting with the outdoors during your soak.

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