The Chicest Travel Sweatsuits and Sets for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The Chicest Travel Sweatsuits and Sets for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

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Booking the first flight out always sounds like a good idea until the morning of. Look at you, so productive with that 6 A.M. booking! You’re less likely to fall victim to delays. You’ll have your whole day ahead at your vacation locale. You might be able to catch some Zs on the plane. And seeing the pink glow of the sunset over the wing of the plane? Fabulous. But that practically-still-nightfall feels rough, the mattress is oh-so-tempting to fall back into, and the to-do list doesn’t sound as friendly on this side of tomorrow. 

While we thankfully are no longer privy to the 1950’s retro (cough: antiquated) dress code requiring women to be dolled up to the nines on the plane in business casual and Sunday finery. Enter our generation’s not-so-secret weapon: the sweatsuit. The coordinated set. The vibe. 

The comfy chic aesthetic looks effortlessly cool and put together, while the matching top and bottom can take you wherever you need to go: from the plane to a workout to errands to your social tête à tête. Your itinerary is fully possible in this getup. 

Planes, trains, automobiles, whatever. For the traveler or couch potato in all of us, shop these sets and sweatsuits to make your day both polished and cozy.


8 Coordinating Sets and Sweatsuits for Your Next Adventure:

  1. Frame x Ritz-Carlton Paris Sweatshirt—$348.
  2. Frame x Ritz-Carlton Paris Track Pants—$398.
  3. JJ Winks Light Hug Hoodie—$260.
  4. JJ Winks Happy Hour Pant—$98.
  5. Good American Jeanious Cropped Sweatshirt—$79.
  6. Good American Jeanious Wide Leg Sweatpants—$109.
  7. Poppi #BFE Hoodie—$80.
  8. Madhappy Local Optimist Fleece Crewneck—$165.
  9. Madhappy Local Optimist Sweatpants—$145.
  10. Year of Ours Sherpa Mammoth Cropped Half Zip—$99 (was $135).
  11. Year of Ours Sherpa Warm Up Pants—$95 (was $130).


Frame x Ritz-Carlton Paris Collection

Tragically, I have a massive crush on the Frame x Ritz Paris collection. Of course, luxury hotel merch is trés fabulous for channeling that luxury hotel feeling whether you’re heading to five-star accommodations or out into the middle of the woods. While I’m generally of the opinion that sweatsuits shouldn’t be expensive (accounting for a certain level of quality and craftsmanship, the rest is just ego) but this sweatsuit irrationally makes my heart pitter-patter. Maybe throw in a plane ticket to Paris while you’re already buying the unisex navy sweatshirt and classic tracksuit pants?


JJ Winks

If you prefer a lighter and more form-fitting feel (less of a Michelin Man vibe), consider a matching set from JJ Winks for your go-to travel ‘fit. Crafted from an irresistibly soft modal and spandex blend, with a built-in shelf bra for support, the Light Hug hoodie and accompanying pants do feel in fact like a light hug. The combo would be a stellar option for those who want to adventure into the sweatsuit aesthetic without being full-on baggy—and to look a little more polished on the plane.


Good American

Good American is often hailed for its high quality and inclusive sizing, ranging from 0 to 5XL. Of course, none of that would mean anything if we didn’t love the sweatsuit and sweatpant options themselves, which flatter every body. The options themselves are varied and creative, ranging from joggers to wide pants for bottoms, from classic fits to distressed. There are even options that look like denim—pajants, anyone?—and a fleeced corset style that could elevate your look into whatever you’d like it to be.



Hear me out: I stumbled upon the TikTok-famous sweatsuit when I received the set in a mailer from this gut-healthy soda brand. Yes, that’s a total brag. #drinkpoppi has millions of views on TikTok alone. The oversized fit—hanging slightly off the shoulder—and cheeky, irreverent design (this one sporting a graphic “Let’s Be Friends with Benefits” slogan and motif) paired with an all-season terry material make it possibly the best-fitting sweatsuit I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. While it sounds strange to champion branded merch, I’m personally more about the feel than the look when it comes to sweatsuits, although both are stellar. The soda itself is delicious and healthy regardless, but the sweatsuit is famous enough and ubiquitous enough that it’s more of an aesthetic than a weird move. The vivid pink is such a statement, and the merch always sells out quickly—so act fast if you see a Poppi piece in your size.



Madhappy is similar in terms of Gen Z and Millennial adoration. Let’s get trendy, baby! Known for its cheery mental health slogans and celebrity audience, Madhappy’s a cut above the rest thanks to its instant notability. Celebs like Gigi Hadid, Cardi B, and more champion the brand, elevating it into more of a status symbol than a simply positive cause. Madhappy has also started doing intriguing collabs with other performance-focused brands like lululemon and Columbia. Wade into the buzzy brand with its Local Optimist Fleece Sweatpant and coordinating sweatshirt.


Year of Ours

Athleisure brand Year of Ours has yet to steer me wrong. It excels in colorful, likable basics that feel vibrant without channeling fast fashion vibes. For more of a cozy feel in your travel-friendly sweatsuit, try Year of Ours’s Sherpa Half Zip and Sherpa Warm Up Pant. Having an extra fleece on hand is always a good idea, while wearing one on the plane can be oh-so-useful in freeing up limited suitcase space. The pants themselves feature an elastic waistband (duh), pockets (thank God), and an attractive piping detail.

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