Hike Up Your Skort: Our Seven Favorite Athletic Skirts & Skorts

Hike Up Your Skort: Our Seven Favorite Athletic Skirts & Skorts

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From maxi to micro, no spring wardrobe is complete without a lineup of playful skirts. And if you’re anything like us, once the temperatures rise and the layers start shedding, skirts are the first thing we grab. Active gals know how crucial it is to be able to move around in comfort throughout the day without having to compromise personal style, and nothing nurtures this sentiment more than the athletic skirt. 

With its blend of form and function, the athletic skirt is the ultimate solution to combining comfort and utility without compromising style. While we all saw (and participated) in the rise of the tennis skirt a couple of years back, the athletic skirt has grown as a genre, reaching far beyond the court. Whether strolling through the farmers market, trail running from dawn till dusk, or backpacking from valley to summit, the athletic skirt has become a must-have in every active gal’s performance-conscious wardrobe. Plus, these one-and-done bottoms are a versatile piece to transition out of sport mode and into your daily wardrobe–without looking like you’re on your way to earning another Local Legend badge on Strava. 

From the peaks to the streets, here are our favorite athletic skirts for everyday recreation, rugged adventure, and everything in between.


7 Editor-Picked Athletic Skirts + Skorts:

  1. Girlfriend Collective Sport Skort, $62.
  2. Outdoor Voices Warm Up 2.5” Skort, $58
  3. Free People Pleats and Thank You Skort, $78
  4. Alo High-Waist Elevation Mini Skirt, $78
  5. Free People Thru Hike Skort, $78
  6. Los Angeles Apparel Garment Dye Cheer Skort, $44
  7. Lululemon Multi-Pocket Cargo High-Rise Hiking Skirt, $69 (was $98)


Girlfriend Collective – Sport Skort – $62

For days when you want to break a sweat and still commit to your classic cool-girl aesthetic, the Sport Skort from Girlfriend Collective is the athletic skirt that’ll live at the top of your drawer. This sporty, high-rise exercise skirt with built-in compressive shorts is sleek, flattering, and perfectly short without being too short. Major for those who prefer to not carry a purse, the hidden mesh pockets are perfect for stashing your phone, wallet, keys, and even snacks. We love this skirt because it’s just the right amount of form-fitting, has size-inclusive options, and is made from recycled water bottles. Hello, sustainable queen! 


Outdoor Voices – Warm Up 2.5” Skort – $58

We can all relate to the convenience of a day-to-night outfit, and this skort is the ultimate solution to a transitional wardrobe. For the perfect excuse to wear something short and flirty without compromising modesty, we love the Outdoor Voices Warm Up 2.5” Skort. It looks convincingly like a traditional, flirty mini skirt–keeping you covered from your morning jog to your night out on the dancefloor. Complete the sweat-wicking look with a matching Venus Crop Top for the perfect “Doing Things” kit. 


Free People – Pleats and Thank You Skort – $78

If the skirt fits, buy it in every color. That’s the saying, right? The Pleats and Thank You Skort from Free People is the perfect excuse to introduce a pop of color into your spring wardrobe with its rainbow of vibrant options. Both sporty and sweet, this skort has a flowy, pleated skirt that floats perfectly over four-way stretch shorties underneath. The high-waist band keeps the skirt secure on your hips while being flattering and comfortable. Perfect for twirling in a field of wildflowers, might we add. 


Alo – High-Waist Elevation Mini Skirt – $78

We’re not skimping out on gaining extra elevation in Alo’s High-Waist Elevation Mini Skirt, which sports a fleece-lined short underneath for added warmth and coziness. With the added warmth and adjustable waistband, it goes without saying that this skirt is unique for its kind. Perfect for a brisk morning Hot Girl Walk or marching down the mountain from your after-work hike, the Elevation Mini Skirt is a functional and cozy addition to your spring wardrobe. Pair it with Alo’s Cropped Elevation Coverup for extra warmth. 


Free People – Thru Hike Skort – $78

Made for your next outdoor adventure, the Free People Thru Hike Skort is the solution to total functionality. This utility-inspired skort is made with durable, water-resistant nylon and features enough pockets for all your hiking essentials. Party in the front, business in the back with this skort gives off the appearance of a skirt but sports practical shorts from behind. In our opinion, this skort is the closest thing to what our moms dressed us in for recess–only way cuter! So, for those looking for a highly-functional athletic skirt, this skort is your new best hiking buddy.


Los Angeles Apparel – Garment Dye Cheer Skort – $44

Flexible, check. Functional, check. Universally flattering, check! The Garment Dye Cheer Skort from Los Angeles Apparel is unique among this list of athletic all-stars for being, well, the most simple! No technical fabric or pockets to hold your phone, but a classic, flirty cut made from heavyweight cotton spandex for unrivaled comfort. With a narrow elastic band across the waist, this skort is best for low-impact activities, like dog walking or park lounging, but is still supportive and secure. For looking and feeling hot, this athletic skirt checks all the boxes.


Lululemon – Lululemon Multi-Pocket Cargo High-Rise Hiking Skirt – $69 (was $98)

Designed for taking detours, the Lululemon Multi-Pocket Cargo High-Rise Hiking Skirt is your answer to participating in the ever-popular Gorpcore trend. Sporting pockets for all your hiking must-haves and techy water-resistant fabric, this athletic skirt is made for the hills while looking urban chic. Plus, the liner shorts are designed with abrasion-resistant fabric for staying comfy during high-intensity activities, like hiking. The nature-inspired color palette, cargo pockets, key loop, and combination of tech fabrics offer a utilitarian look we’re loving right now. 

Finding the ideal athletic skirt that meets all your requirements doesn’t have to be a sweat-inducing task. With any of these favorites, you’ll take on the great outdoors in style while going the distance in functionality and comfort.

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