Anything But Mid: Our Favorite Fleece Midlayers for Fall and Beyond

Anything But Mid: Our Favorite Fleece Midlayers for Fall and Beyond

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Let’s talk layers: more specifically midlayers. If you aren’t familiar, midlayers are typically made from insulating materials that trap heat such as fleece, down, synthetic fill, or merino wool. It’s their job to provide insulation to retain your body temperature while hiking, biking, skiing, walking, you name it. Fashion essential to the max. Remember when you were younger and your mom would make you grab a jacket before you ran out the door? We hate to admit it, but she was right!

These essentials provide versatile functionality for all of our favorite cool weather outdoor activities. You get the picture: depending on the conditions and your activity level, you can add or remove layers to regulate your body temperature effectively. In the thick of winter, when you’re fighting for your life in sub-freezing temps, they can give you a much-needed boost of warmth under your snow jacket. 

Now, as bonafide outdoor style experts, we have our favorites. We don’t discriminate, we love midlayers of all shapes and sizes, etc, etc,. But since it’s fall and the start of comfy, cuddly season, we’re diving deep into the coziest of all: fleeces. We want you to look stylish, feel snug, and most importantly, stay warm so we’ve gathered our favorite women’s fleeces for fall.

Our Favorite Women’s Fleece Midlayers, At a Glance: 

Halfdays, Pieper Fleece—$195

Surprise surprise! Halfdays is nearly always on our list of must-haves. We can’t help it, they just get women. This fan-favorite fleece from last season came back this year with a whole line of new colorways and we love ‘em all. For a fall color pop, try the Spritz, Mustang, or Disco shades.  

Helly Hansen, Imperial Pile Fleece Block Jacket—$150

Helly Hansen is known for its high-quality outdoor gear, and this pile fleece is no exception. Made with 100 percent recycled polyester, this jacket keeps you warm and mother earth cool. We think this would look great with a matching workout set on a hike or with jeans and some Boston clogs on a Sunday stroll. 

Helly Hansen, Daybreaker Block Fleece Jacket—$90 (On Sale: $68)

If you're looking for a more affordable option, the Daybreaker Block Fleece Jacket is a great pick. With all five-star reviews, this Polartec® colorblock fleece will warm you up in the most stylish way. They have plenty of funky colorways, but we especially love the terracotta option. 

Mountain Hardwear, Explore™ Fleece Half Zip—$99

Sometimes less is more, and this simple all-black fleece from Mountain Hardwear is all the proof you need. It has easy ventilation with a half-zip design, is a Hail Mary when you work up more of a sweat than you expected—*cough* we’re looking at you, bluebird days. Plus, it clocks in at under $100, making it a more budget-friendly buy than others on the list.

Arc'Teryx, Kyanite Hoody Women's—$180

Known for sleek and highly technical styles, Arc’Teryx seamlessly marries function and fashion. The Kyanite Hoody is one of those fleeces that doesn’t look like a fleece at first glance, but that’s the beauty of its innovation. Made with Polartec® and Power Stretch® this jacket is warm and durable. With so many colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong—but if you’re looking for a vibrant pick, we suggest the edziza yellow.

Erin Snow, Coco Recfleece Anorak—$358

For those willing to splurge a little, the Erin Snow Coco Recfleece Anorak is our go-to luxury pick. Crafted with 100 percent recycled polyester fleece, it's both fashionable and eco-friendly. While we like this jacket for its material specs, we loveee it for its design details like its high neck and offset trim detail. 

Mons Royale, Decade Merino Fleece Pullover—$200 (On Sale: $100)

Made partly from recycled fleece and partly from merino wool, this anorak is 100 percent gorp girl style. The all black jacket is perfect for wearing under your ski jacket, with added pockets for keeping everything organized, but still chic enough to rock on its own. The ripstop panels add an extra layer of protection and visual dimension. 

The North Face, Tekware™ Grid Full-Zip—$110

For a more fitted look, The North Face TekwareTM Grid Full-Zip offers a slightly cinched crop. Unlike other fleeces, this jacket has a fully water-repellent finish, making it a great outer layer through transitional seasons in which it rains and pours. It comes in five different hues, but we especially love the brown for pumpkin spice season. Grab it anddd the matching pants for a fully technical matching set. 

The North Face, Trailwear Fantasy Ridge Flash ½-Zip—$135

Another gem from The North Face: the Trailwear Fantasy Ridge Flash ½-Zip is made for hikers and trail runners leading into these cooler months. The brown and blue color block feels reminiscent of outdoor apparel from the 90s (tell us you don’t see the flying Patagonia baby ad?!?)

If you love the colors of this jacket but don’t know how to style it, you’re in luck because they made matching leggings


Topo Designs, Subalpine Fleece—$190 (On Sale: $89)

The Topo Designs Subalpine Fleece is seriously attractive and seriously on sale . You can grab this khaki colored Polartec® sherpa fleece for over $100 off.  Because we are fashion girlies at our core, and red is totally the color of the season, we’re fangirling over the small scarlet details like the zipper pulls and cinching cord. Grab yours before the sale ends!

Kari Traa, Kari Full Zip Fleece—$60

Last but not least is this cherry-colored lightweight fleece from Kari Traa. (We said red is having a moment after all.) We’re in full support of its stardom. This fleece is an effortless way to layer in the pop of color when putting together your fall outfit.

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