These Seamless Knit Bikinis Are Surf-Proof (and Adorable)

These Seamless Knit Bikinis Are Surf-Proof (and Adorable)

Image Credit: Fin and Ray
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As a Hawaii-based writer firmly situated on the iconic surf mecca of the North Shore of Oahu, my bikinis have to go through a seriously rigorous set of standards. The salt water in the ocean can wear down and fade fabrics and fibers, so swimsuits age fast here. We’re nearly always swimming, surfing, finding a hidden hike, or even just lounging out in the sun. So when I heard about Fin and Ray, a Hawaii-based brand, I was instantly intrigued; collections based here have an (obviously) unique understanding of the challenges facing women’s surfwear in terms of longevity, style, and function.

Aesthetically, Fin and Ray’s seamless knit bikinis are gorgeous. They’re designed on the Big Island, and crafted in Brooklyn. The brand is also founded and ran by women, which is always a plus. Each swimsuit is made on demand, which cuts down excess waste and inventory that would otherwise end up rotting in a landfill. Available in a slim range of flattering colors, the collection includes an adjustable triangle ‘kini, a regular triangle top, one-piece, and more of a tank style for tops, plus both high-waisted and low-waisted bottoms options—in addition to tote bags, t-shirts, and the like. S’cute. Olive, pale yellow, and bright blue colorways are available.

Each of the suits is made with 100 percent 3D knit Sonora yarn (in layman’s terms: plant-based.) Sorona's performance stretch yarn fibers are made in part from annually renewable ingredients. Yes, they are recyclable, too. Oh, and did we mention it’s also really soft and stretchable? Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large.

Shop the Fin and Ray Collection:

Meri One-Piece Swimsuit—$175

For any active girl, a one-piece is a must-have in the repertoire. Nobody likes tugging up falling-off suits, especially in the lineup, and there’s just something satisfying about knowing that nothing will go where it doesn’t need to be. This one-piece suit in a striking two-shade wave-knit pattern has a cheeky cut and low back, so it’s still segzy. Oh, and it has fixed straps, so if you’re an adjustable girlie, you’ll probably want to opt for the Rhea top instead. 

Adriatic Bikini Top—$175

The Adriatic Bikini Top has a straightforward scoop neck tank design ideal for indulging your sporty-gal aesthetic (and taking on whatever adventure the day happens to throw your way.) The one-inch straps feel plenty supportive along with a rib-hem finish that feels like your favorite sports bra—but you know, meant for the mermaids of the group.

Adriatic Bikini Bottom—$115

The Adriatic Bikini Bottom may just be my favorite of the group. A high waist design cinches and supports, while being comfortable and stretchable enough. To give you an idea of fit, it hits right below the belly button and has a cheeky design. If you’re between sizes, I’d recommend going up a size.

Rhea Adjustable Bikini Top—$112

The Rhea Adjustable Bikini Top is an, of course, adjustable bikini top with strings you can tie however you’d like. The wraparound style is très chic, while the softly curved V-shape at the bust looks good on anyone. Because of the subtle appearance of the knit, I would totally wear this top as a going-out shirt—perhaps with high-waisted pants, a skirt, or with a denim jacket open over the top. Think Mamma Mia vibes here.

Eldoris Bikini Top—$115

The Eldoris Bikini Top is the sweet spot between the strappy coverage of the Rhea Bikini Top and the active functionality of the Adriatic Bikini Top—meant for minimal coverage. This is the top you wear when you’re going tanning with a big group and have a certain *special someone* you want to see while you’re laying out: it’s the “who me?” effortless beaut of the collection. As for fit, size up if you have a bigger bust; transparently, I’m a 32C and felt like my chest was definitely chest-ing in this. If you prefer a more modest fit, I love how the model on the website styles these tops—layered over each other like tanks—so that’s an appealing option as well. The patterns and colors are meant to complement each other.

Eldoris Bikini Bottom—$110

In this collection, the Eldoris Bikini Bottom is the cheeky, minimal fit bottom you’ll want. Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini? Close enough. This suit hits at the hips.

Hydra Bucket Hat—$64

Something about a bucket hat wins me over every time, especially if it’s crafted to coordinate with a bikini set. Keep your face out of the sun and have an adorable coordinating fit? Sounds almost too good to be true. This origami-inspired bucket hat has a sweet, organic shape. Plus, it’s foldable, quick-drying, and packable, so should be your go-to travel pick when you can’t possibly stuff another accessory into your suitcase. 

Island Ray Tote Bag—$26

Have you seen the joke from coffee shop baristas that’s like, “If I see a printed tote bag, I know to give a girl oat milk in her latte?” Some things just go together. Fin and Ray swimsuit. Tote bag. And throw in that oat milk latte while you're at it. It’s a prime pairing, one that evokes visions of swaying palm trees and ocean dips with the gals—or a PLEIN AIR meetup hike that ends at a picturesque lake. This generously sized, 100 percent cotton tote (with a funky abstract print) simply fits the vibe.

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