Outfit Inspo: What to Wear on a Cabin Trip

Outfit Inspo: What to Wear on a Cabin Trip
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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you need some outfit inspiration for your next cabin trip. Maybe you booked one of the hotels in our Cabin Fervor piece and now you need a new vacation wardrobe to match the persona you’ll adopt at your destination. Maybe, you’re here because you want something more than the granola-girl-coded fleece and blundstone combination most commonly recommended in articles like these. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re here because you love reading everything we write. Too presumptuous? We hope not. 

No matter what brought you here, know that you’re in good hands. We’ve designed outfit ideas for every type of cabin trip, and, because we’re material girls who also love to get outside, we’ve organized them all by the activities you’ll want to plan while you’re there. From dinner out on the (mountain) town to boat days on the lake, there is a sans-granola outfit recipe for every occasion. Oh and if you’re more than happy to spend the entire vacation cuddled up at the ski lodge fireplace (who can blame you?) we've got ideas on what to wear for that too. 

Whataya say, ready to start shopping? Let’s hit it.

The Best Outfits to Wear on a Cabin Trip —Curated by destination

The Best Outfits to Wear on a Snowy Mountain Cabin Trip

The Going Out Outfit — Winter Mountain Destination

Take it from us, the “cocktail coat” you wore to bars in the dead of winter throughout college is not going to cut it in a snowy mountain town. For sub-zero dressing you need warmth, real performance-parka-insulation-level-warmth. But layering looks doesn’t mean dressing down. In fact, the more layers you need, the more opportunities you have to elevate your attire. 

It’s all about adding visual differences with color, dimension, patterns, and texture. For color, we love this bright red parka from Halfdays. For dimension, the fitted Skims long sleeve looks great underneath the oversized v-neck sweater from James Street Co. For pattern, the Ganni Cowboy Boot is just perfect. And lastly, for texture, we’d go for the Tio Lee Fargo Hat and plush fuzzy handbag from Fifth and Ninth. Voila— you’ve mastered the winter going-out outfit.

The Chilling Out at the Cabin Outfit — Winter Mountain Destination

For the aforementioned days when you can’t be bothered to leave the fireplace, cozy up in a chic matching loungewear set that makes you look far more put together than a typical sweatsuit. Book in hand, you’ll lay low in style while watching the snowfall and sipping hot cocoa (we’re jealous just writing this). Pro tip: pair these red cashmere socks from Alex Mill with the Ugg platform tazzlita slippers for an ultra-plush, ultra-comfortable footwear combo. 

The Winter Sports Outfit — Winter Mountain Destination

Ready for some fun on the hill? This look will take you from laps to apps without the need for a costume change midday. Halfdays’ new ski suit is warm enough, and technical enough for any run no matter the conditions, while still fashionable enough to wear at the après-ski party you’ll definitely be hitting on the way home. Their monochrome merino wool base layers (top and bottom) will provide an extra layer of warmth, and a sneaky pop of color, alongside the bright orange of their Matek Balaclava. For a complimentary color pop, we love the Izipizi ski goggles in poppy orange. And of course, who can forget about après footwear? Our all-time favorite après boot is the Niseko 2.0 boot from Fubuki. It’s surprisingly lightweight for a snow boot, ridiculously warm, and of course, waterproof. 

The Après Hot Tub Outfit — Winter Mountain Destination

Did you really go to a snowy mountain town if you didn’t soak yourself into real-world oblivion? Forget your life at home and slip into something a little more relaxing. For this après hot tub occasion, you only need a few key elements: a warm hat, sunglasses (if soaking during the day), a chic bathing suit (le duh), slippers, and a plush robe for sprinting to and from the tub. The robe is hopefully provided by your stay, but if you’re the cabin owner, this Brooklinen robe is a great hotel-like dupe to keep in the closet closest to the door. 

The Best Outfits to Wear on a Warm Cabin Trip by the Water

The Going Out Outfit — Lake or Beach Destination

Save room in your suitcase by packing versatile pieces that look just as appropriate out to dinner as they do layered with a bikini at the beach. We’re big fans of the striped overshirt for this very reason. For nights out on the town, you can dress it up with colorful cat-eye sunglasses and fine jewelry, like this chunky shell necklace from Eliou and these gold earrings (from Amazon, shhhh). Pair it with this slouchy knit bag, which is the perfect date night handbag that also doubles as a beach bag during the day. For more casual nights out, the Arizona Big Buckle Birkenstock Sandals are a great option, but if you need something a little dressier, these puffy fisherman sandals are to die for. 

The Chilling Out at the Cabin Outfit — Warm Beach or Lake Destination

Another reason we love the striped overshirt? When paired with matching boxer shorts, it makes for an effortless lounge look, perfect for when you want to chill in your (disguised) PJs all day. Pair with our favorite socks and slippers combo and this insanely soft tee from Skims and you’ll stay comfy for however long you decide to stay in.

The Hiking Outfit — Warm Beach or Lake Destination

When you’re ready to put some pep in your step, vibrantly hit the trails in this matching citron-hue set (top and bottom) from Halfdays. Balance out those bright tones with this neutral backpack, white hiking sneakers, and color-coordinating accessories (hike hat and green sunglasses). This outfit recipe, both technical and fashionable, easily meets our trail-to-town style standard. 

The Beach or Boat Day Outfit — Warm Beach or Lake Destination

Does this recipe look familiar? It should! As noted above, you’ll save room in your suitcase by packing looks that can seamlessly transition from your beach day to your night out and everything in between. Your night out outfit can just as simply work for a beach or boat day, simply ditch the jewelry (only for the time being) and add a swimsuit. There’s nothing more to it.  

The Best Outfits to Wear on a Warm Mountain or Desert Cabin Trip

The Going Out Outfit — Summer Mountain or Desert Destination

We’re a sucker for a cute pair of cowgirl boots, and there is no better time to wear them than on a cabin trip. You can quote us on that. Style these sleek all-black boots with an all denim ‘fit (top and bottom), oversized trench coat, and of course, matching cowboy hat for a balanced look that can take you anywhere. Rodeo at five o’clock followed by dinner at seven? Not a problem. We love how elevated this outfit looks with gold earrings and aviator sunglasses

The Chilling Out at the Cabin Outfit — Summer Mountain or Desert Destination

Keep the cowgirl trend going by sporting a warm, neutral cozy set (fleece and shorts) accessorized with this Siegelman Stables hat. We once again, you guessed it, recommend pairinig it with this sock and slipper duo. And for a slightly more sophisticated look, pair with the same gold statement earrings as above. 

The Hiking Outfit — Summer Mountain or Desert Destination

For those days when you’re just itching to hit the trail (in style of course), layer up with two of our favorite female-founded outdoor brands. Start with this espresso-colored matching hiking set (top and bottom) from Hikerkind as your base and then layer with this outerwear combo (jacket and hat) from Halfdays. For hiking sneakers, the neutral-toned Hoka sneaker boot is a no-brainer. Oh and don’t forget a pair of sunnies

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