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Lift Ticket: Tunes, Travels, Tangles, Oh My!

Lift Ticket: Tunes, Travels, Tangles, Oh My!

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Welcome to Lift Ticket, your one-click pass (hosted by yours truly, PLEIN AIR) to the hottest, latest launches from some of our fave brands across lifestyle, home, outdoors, style, and more.

The outdoors is definitely our playground, and some brands are making it easy to not only daydream about those summer adventures and travels but to actually conquer them. From sober sips to oh-so-convenient travel capsules, read on for some launches you should be adding to your cart ASAP.


Cadence’s Travel Sizes Are Bigger and Better—and Still TSA-Friendly

Cadence travel capsules have long dominated our Instagram feeds for being aesthetic honeycomb-like canisters that fit together effortlessly to hold all the toiletries, pills, or other items you may need for a trip. Having used them myself, these babies are small but mighty. I could bring sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, nighttime moisturizer, ibuprofen, cleanser, body wash, and more in my carry on for less than the size of a paperback. What’s so convenient about these airtight Cadence capsules is that they’re flatter than most travel bottles, making them the easiest fit I’ve ever seen in my suitcase.

But Cadence took it one step further and finally granted us mere mortals what we’ve been asking for: different sizes to mix and match (since we don’t always, uh, want the same quantities of body wash versus night cream.) Introducing the Cadence Flex system, which includes medium, large, and extension sizes. The brand’s OG size is now called the Small Flex capsule. Oh, and did we mention the gorgeous array of colors to choose from? Build a system starting at $98. They also have adorable label tiles that you can use to keep track of your capsules.


Keep the Vino Flowing for Your Backyard Dinner Parties with Avaline’s Natural Wine Subscription

We love a backyard dinner party. The sun dimming above the trees, everyone decked out in sundresses and sunburns, perhaps a potluck situation. Consider it bliss. 

Avaline’s well-loved for its natural, organic wines. This vegan-friendly brand is created by Cameron Diaz, and wines start as low as $20 per bottle—a steal when you consider the natural part of its label. Anyhow, the brand just launched a new subscription called Bottle Service to allow members inside access.

Not only will you save 15% and get free shipping, you’ll also get members-only perks like priority concierge sneak peeks into what’s next, free wine and recommendations from Cameron herself. You can modify, skip, or cancel any time. Never worry about having to run to the store 20 minutes before guests arrive again.


Or Offer an Alt with Cann’s New High Boys

We chatted about Cann, a bubbly (and dangerously delicious) cannabis-infused alcohol alternative, when we presented some choices for sober aprés during ski season. What keeps the vibe going without the booze? Just in time for those warmer temps, beach days, river floats, and house parties, Cann’s launched a high boy size sure to delight. They call it the “LaCroix that gets you high” which might sound just up your alley. For those not in legalized states, fear not: you can also get a CBD-infused version minus the THC. Either way, relish the refreshment via Blood Orange Cardamom, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Lemon Lavender flavors.


Get Yo Tan On Regardless of Your Beach Status

Let’s be real: we all love a fake tan. Obviously, we’d rather have a real tan, but it can occasionally feel a bit embarrassing when that sun comes out in May and we sheepishly emerge from our ski-induced paleness onto the beach. Introducing: Tan-Luxe Express Water

The original Tan-Luxe product, The Water, won me over in college as being a clear, neutrally-scented fake tan. I never had to worry about my clothes or bedding being stained, so it’s ideal for white sundress szn. Plus, the color was generally less orange than other drugstore buys.

This Tan-Luxe Express Water takes the power of the initial self-tanner and bumps it up a notch: you can achieve your golden-brown color in roughly 30 minutes, giving you that summery beach-ready glow just in time for that date, girl’s night, or even beach lounging (let’s be real—the self-consciousness about “lack of tan” sometimes still happens while you’re literally tanning.) Fake it ‘til you make it, right y’all? Make like Malibu and add this powerful formula to your cart, and you’ll be radiating by the time your sitcom ends.


Skullcandy 420 Grind Headphones

Admittedly, I’ve been a longtime AirPods Pro girly thanks to its noise-canceling properties and seamless integration from device to device. However, I recently tested the *new* Skullcandy 420 Grind True Wireless Earbuds which have similar capabilities—plus some bonus features sure to impress. Released in accordance with April 20 (duh), these headphones feature 40 hours’ battery, are sweat and water-resistant (so have been excellent companions to my runs), hands-free voice control, Tile compatibility, and more. 

The design itself features a mossy green suede around the outside, vibrant purple covers surrounded by an attractive orange-gold rim, and the brand’s signature skull motif. While I never would have guessed I’d love the fuzz on my headphones, these are a delight—and sure to please cannabis enthusiasts, as the headphones themselves are inspired by the Purple Haze strain. For me, the main strengths of the Skullcandy 420 Grind True Wireless Earbuds is that I can use them for forever without a charge—making them my go-to companion for long flights, work seshes, and more. Piqued your interest? You’ll have to act quickly. These bud-inspired buds are limited edition, so won’t be stocked for long.


Ladies, This Detangling Brush and Comb Will Absolutely *Save Your Hair* After Surf Seshes

You know after you get out of the ocean when your hair is dry, crusty, and you spend twenty minutes trying to yank out a knot without taking your whole head with it? Yeah. Act+Acre has you covered with “skincare for your scalp.” 

Loved for its amazing cold-processed conditioners and treatments, this hair care brand elevates the experience this summer with a new Detangling Comb and Brush. The initial prototype literally went viral on TikTok last year with 29 million views, so you’ll have to act quickly if you want to get your hands and strands on a unit. Both tools gently detangle your hair, while also stimulating blood flow to the scalp. 

I was a Wet Brush girlie before now, but the Detangling Brush has conquered my wavy hair (and prevented breakage!) while both wet and dry, while the Detangling Comb has allowed me to style my mane like never before. And because I’m weak for a good aesthetic, they’re just so pretty and sleek on my bathroom counter—complete with felt carry cases for travel.

Happy shopping. Email us directly — — with any launches you’d like to see in the spotlight, or DM us over @intopleinair.

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