Floaties for Pools, Lakes, Oceans, and Other Splash Zones

Floaties for Pools, Lakes, Oceans, and Other Splash Zones

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As much as we adore summer, it’s nearing those months when you start to remember how 
uncomfortable ninety plus degrees can get. You’ve conveniently forgotten the annoyance of that one sweat trail down your sports bra, the stickiness, the inescapable heat. I may or may not have caught myself audibly hissing at the thermostat.

Meaning? It’s time to pack the cooler, send off a text to the group message, and get thee to the nearest body of water. Whether that means a long drive to a lakeside Airbnb, a jaunt to the beach, the neighborhood pool, or literally blissing out under the hose in the backyard, it’s time for the floaties, inflatables, and other water adventure products to thrive and help you thrive.

The perks of an inflatable are thus:

  • They slim down to nothing because you can collapse ‘em and store ‘em, making them convenient for the garage and small spaces.
  • They’re so, so comfy! Psychologically, we go into a deep meditative state while floating because your body is completely supported—which can also be helpful for recovering from a long hike, training for a run, etc,.
  • Many let you immerse yourself in just enough water to stay cool while still partaking in stay-dry activities like sunbathing or reading.
  • They look oh-so-aesthetic for Instagram et. al. You’ve just gotten your next grid post.

Bonus points: if you’re babysitting or have a pup whose panting sounds a little more concerning this time around, an inflatable pool or similar can be a quick and effective way to cool the little ones down who may not be fully capable of regulating their own body temps. Purchasing a floatie or inflatable is both a self-care act and one helpful for taking care of the community, obvs.

Shop some of our favorites below.

7 Floaties and Inflatables for Your Next Adventure in the Water:

  1. Sunnylife x Daison Downey I Love Sun Luxe Lie-On Float, $46 (was $65).
  2. Funboy Coastal Mesh Chair 2-Pack, $69 (was $78).
  3. Bando Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool, 85.
  4. Funboy Floating Cabana Bar, $99.
  5. Big Joe Captain’s Pool Float, $108.
  6. Minnidip The Clearly Hot Pink Tufted Luxe Inflatable Pool, $55.
  7. Minnidip The Cloud Chair in Pink Skies, $55.

I Love Sun Luxe Lie-On Float—$45 (was $65)

Although many of us love to surf, I personally tend towards the “go out and float” camp, so this surfboard-shaped floatie from Sunnylife is so up my alley. Focused on optimizing a “summer down under,” or wherever the wind blows you, the classic navy and white color scheme and knot detailing of this floatie is oh-so-nautical, which is def trending on TikTok nowadays. It also includes a water fin for stability and a patch kit to repair any punctures (in the worst case scenario.) The float is designed in collaboration with Daimon Downey, a Sydney-based contemporary artist whose studio practice focuses on abstract and expressionist painting. Act now while it’s on sale.


Funboy Coastal Stripe Mesh Chair 2 Pack—$69 (was $78)

Score double the floaties by pairing up with your bestie and splitting this on-sale two pack from Funboy. The mesh design is crafted so that you can immerse your lower body in the water while still relishing the relaxation of floating—a godsend for those real scorchers. Still, the floatie comes with armrests and an inflatable footrest so ya always feel supported. This hammock pool float is ergonomically designed and too cute and it even has a cupholder. Bonus points for inflating in less than a minute with a hair dryer or electric pump, and we’re totally sold. Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool—$85

While summer may have us calling up every single person we know who may or may not have access to a beach house—a little “hey girl, that first date didn’t go that badly, and doesn’t his family have a timeshare at the coast?” negotiation—it’s all good if your waterside fantasy just looks like your backyard. In that case, opt for this adorable heart-shaped inflatable pool from Bando, which could (bonus!) also serve as a cooler full of ice-cold bevs at your next Galentine’s bash. This inflatable heart-shaped pool is made of heavyweight vinyl, fills up to 12 gallons, and can fit 2–3 adults comfortably.


Funboy Floating Cabana Bar—$99

In my mind, I’m on some beach somewhere, the sun’s finally dipping below the horizon in a hazy creamsicle sunset, and my closest friends and I are all clustered around this Funboy cabana floatie drinking Coronas and letting the waves gently rock us into bliss. The resort-inspired yellow stripes of this multifunctional floater channel major Amalfi Coast vibes for me, or perhaps evoke my inner “housewife in Mallorca on a yacht” personality. At nearly six feet long, it serves endless vibes and sips, and balances out your floating assortment oh-so-well.


Big Joe Captain’s Pool Float—$108

Keep it simple with a poolside classic—the Big Joe Captain’s Pool Float, available in eleven distinctive prints and colorways. It offers extra back support for the ladies who’ll be suffering after a day laying out on just a beach towel with on-the-go handles, a drink holder, and side pocket for added convenience. The description says it’s not suitable for lakes and oceans but shopper reviews definitely show other customers luxuriating in other bodies of water. Best of all, you don’t actually have to inflate it; it’s filled with beans that will float upon impact on the water, meaning you don’t have to struggle with any deflation or air valves. While you’d think that would make it heavy, it’s only 5.5 pounds, so you won’t have to wrestle it from location to location.


Minnidip The Clearly Hot Pink Tufted Luxe Inflatable Pool—$55

You could also embrace your inner Barbie with this bright pink inflatable pool, with translucent aesthetic and iconic scallop tufts. It’s ethically sourced and produced (so no worries there), and its fabric is both heavyweight and durable—but be sure not to over-inflate to ensure its longevity. What designer inflatable pool brand Minnidip does that’s beyond adorable is that it also sells décor stickers to personalize your spa for two dollars a pop, making this pool especially useful for special occasions like bachelorettes, birthday parties, and more.


Minnidip The Cloud Chair—$55

I’m also crushing on this gorgeous illusion-like lounge chair from Minnidip, featuring a tube silhouette floating on a clear curved base. Jaw-droppingly pretty, and I would like to be splayed atop of it like a Greek goddess. Just add in a cocktail, paperback, and sunnies to fully embrace the aesthetic. I would also use this indoors after the summer to plop down into—anyone else? The midcentury modern aesthetic is too strong!

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