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The Plein Air Social Club

We’re an inclusive social group of women who get outdoors, no matter what that looks like. You don’t have to fit a granola aesthetic or live in an *ultra-outdoorsy* area. Make friends, see views, learn new skills…we’re here to foster the luuuuurve of nature and community across the U.S. (and further—TBD!)

Are there any rules?

Just one, the ~golden rule~. Treat others kindly and with respect. (We’ll literally remove you from official channels if you violate our community tenets.)

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The TL;DR:

The Plein Air community is for all the women who just love to get outside, whether that’s for an hour to soak up the sunset after a long day of meetings, or for days on a leave-no-trace backpacking trek.

All skill levels, recreational interests, styles, and locations are welcome—because the outdoors are for everyone.

We’ve all been in the same boat. Whether you just moved somewhere new or have gotten a little too *settled* in your routine, itching to meet new friends and try new activities. Often times, we just need a nudge in the right direction. So here we are, giving you an oh-so-friendly nudge.

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