What is Après-Ski? The Official Guide to Off-Slope Fun

What is Après-Ski? The Official Guide to Off-Slope Fun

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If you’ve spent any time near a ski resort—even if it’s just in a virtual sense, let’s say by diving down a #skitok rabbit hole on Tiktok (we’ve all been there)—you’ve probably heard of the term après-ski. Synonymous with the rise in ski culture popularity, this post-recreation ritual adds a layer of fun to the already exciting sport— like a healthy serving of whipped cream on top of an already delicious hot cocoa. 

When translated from French, après ski means “after skiing,”  but the range of what it can mean is far more colorful than simply “the hours after skiing." Often used as a verb—like, “We’re après-ing in the hot tub” or “Want to après at the base?”—the true definition of après is less about a specific time frame than it is how that time off-slope is spent. 

The best part? You don’t have to spend any time skiing to participate. If you’re new to skiing or timid about getting started, it’s hands-down the most approachable part of the sport. While historical stereotypes might lead you to believe only those who ride it out from first chair to last run deserve the ritual, we firmly believe it’s meant for anyone who wants to participate. Whether you’ve skied all day or just came for the vibes, all are welcome to join in on the fun. 

As professionals in the realm of recreation and leisure, we treat our après rituals seriously. We’ve (bravely) tested almost every post-ski routine available and culminated the best recommendations, including what to wear for whatever vibe you’re craving: relax, recover, refuel, or re-energize.  So whether you’re skiing from dust till dawn or simply there for the aesthetic, we’ve got your après agenda covered. 

The Ultimate Guide to Apres-Ski: 

The Après Party: Champagne Showers and House Music

What to Wear: Ski Suit, Fuzzy Hat, Sunglasses.

There aren’t many sports where you can slide straight from working out to a full-blown after party complete with a live DJ, champagne showers, and bottle service. Herein lies one of the many reasons we love ski culture so much. Whether you’re one to partake in the partying or not, there is no denying this sport has an energizing hype unlike any other. For afternoons when you’re ready to keep the party going—like, let’s say, for example, at the Snow Lodge in Aspen or the Lincoln Bar in Mammoth—we recommend the Siren Ski Suit by Slope Siren, also available in black, paired with this chic fuzzy hat from Tio Lee and these sleek sunglasses from Fifth and Ninth. 

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Happy Hour in the Village

What to Wear: Softshell Bib Pants, Fleece Jacket, Aviator Sunglasses

For those seeking a slightly calmer environment but don’t want to skimp on the celebrations, a village happy hour—like at the one at the Red Lion in Vail—is the ideal place to settle down for the afternoon. On days like these, where there are equal parts skiing and leisure-ing (our personal favorite), we opt for anything from Halfdays.  If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a ski-wear brand founded by women for women with styles that effortlessly take you from the slopes to après in style. We especially love how chic their Isabel Softshell Bib Pants look with their Pieper Fleece Jacket. Throw on a pair of aviator sunnies, and you’re ready to après all day— as they say. 

Sauna or Hot Tub (or Both) 

What to wear: Adriatic Bikini Bottom and Adriatic Bikini Top

When you’ve skied your legs into the ground (metaphorically speaking, hopefully) and need to take the afternoon to recover, the best way to après is in a swimsuit. Find a local hot spring or hideaway at a hotel spa and give those legs the rest they deserve. Wear a cute bikini, like this set (top and bottom) from Fin and Ray, and perhaps sip some champagne. Then, you’ll be well on your way to recharging for another day on the mountain. 

Charcuterie and Game Night at Home 

What to wear: Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Don’t get us wrong, partying in the village is fun. Still, there is something as equally enticing about curling up at home in a comfortable pair of sweatpants, perhaps playing a round of Monopoly deal with your ski friends after a day on the mountain. If your apres agenda includes a charcuterie board, wine, and games from the couch, then this sweat set (top and bottom) from Halfdays is precisely what you’ll want to wear. Both comfortable and cute, it will make your at-home festivities feel as much fun as dressing up for a party—except from the comfort of your couch. 

Lounging in the Lodge

What to wear: Matching Knitwear Pants and Mockneck Sweater

Finally, for those staying at a cozy lodge or resort, one of our favorite ways to après is by cozying up in the lodge, hopefully by a fireplace with a book and a cup of hot cocoa—if we’re not asking for too much. Be lounge-ready without sacrificing an ounce of style with this polished matching knit set from Alala. This sweater set has a cashmere-like feel, making it nearly impossible to end your après enjoyment. 

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