The Best Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your List

The Best Wellness Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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This time of year takes a toll on us all. No matter how much fun we have unwrapping presents, catching up with our cousins at the family gift exchange, or eating grandma’s famous cookies, all of that excitement eventually catches up to us when the festivities end and our energy tank hits E. Maybe it’s the 100th sugar cookie that pushes us over the edge or the never-ending family drama that finally does us in. Whatever the last straw may be, the outcome is inevitable: complete and total exhaustion. 

We’re all bound to feel it, so why not give everyone, including yourself, a helpful boost towards recovering from holiday stress. 

You get more bees with honey, so let’s help them, help you. When they destress, you destress.

If you read our guide to finding all of the best Christmas and holiday gifts in one day, you know the key to success is setting a universal shopping theme for everyone on your list. With your theme in place, you can stay on track while getting specific about what each recipient might like. Let’s use our current theme, wellness, as an example. Within this lens, you could give a spa gift card to someone who loves facials or an at-home bath kit to someone who loves to spend their friday nights curled up at home. Just make sure whatever you purchase is meaningful to them. As a refresher, a meaningful gift is both personal and useful. So don’t read this as an excuse to get everyone the same candle in your favorite scent.

To make things easier on you, we’ve brainstormed who you might need to buy for and some ideas about what to buy each of them. So you can get back to planning your holiday getaway.

 Got your list ready? Let's go shopping. 

Our Top Wellness Inspired Gift Recommendations for Everyone on Your List: 

The Best Gift for Your Skincare Obsessed Sister: Tinted SPF and Lip Lock

Want your sister to stop digging through your makeup bag? Upgrade her skincare routine with these best selling beauty products from Kinfield. The Sunglow SPF is a tinted luminizing face sunscreen that makes applying SPF a rewarding part of every daytime routine. Paired with the hydrating  mineral lip sunscreen balm, your sister will stay glowing through whatever the holiday season brings. 

The Best Gift For Your Granola Mom Who “Doesn’t Need Anything”: A Meditation App Subscription for Hiking

The hardest person to shop for on the list? Someone who “doesn’t need anything.” Mom deserves the best  but what do you get someone who isn’t asking for anything? Opt for an experience she can use everyday to unwind, like a subscription to a meditation app. There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but we love the Headspace app for its breadth of offerings, including engaging stories, yoga classes, and podcast episodes. We especially love their National Park Collection which transports listeners to destinations like Joshua Tree National Park, Acadia National Park, Glacier National Park, and many more through a series of sounds and descriptions. Mom can tune into these on her morning walk when the chaos of having her kids back at home becomes too overstimulating.


The Best Gift for Your Partner Who Just Wants to Spend Time with You: Day Passes to an Outdoor Spa

When you finally get to say goodbye to your relatives and check out of your childhood bedroom, you and your partner are going to need some well-deserved quality time. Decompress from the holiday stress together by gifting them, and yourself, a pass to an outdoor spa. Hot Tip: most hot spring destinations, like the Strawberry Park Hot Springs pictured above, offer massage appointments alongside their day passes for an extra fee. Bring a swimsuit and a warm beanie for the pictures you’ll want to snap while soaking.  

The Best Gift for Your Tightly Wound Boss: Canteen and Latte Mix

For your boss, being tense isn’t an experience that’s unique to the season. Whether you love them or hate them, a little kit to help them relax can’t hurt the relationship. We love the Rose Cocoa SuperLatte mix from Clevr Blends because it contains reishi & ashwagandha to help support long-term stress. Pair it with a colorful travel mug and they’re bound to give you that end-of-the-year bonus. Right? 

The Best Gift for Your Après-All-Day Bestie: Face Roller and Face Mask

One too many Christmas morning mimosas? Your bff knows the feeling all too well. For your best friend who loves to après all winter long, we recommend giving her an ultra hydrating face mask paired with a heavy duty ice roller. She’ll be kicking her hangover recovery into high gear and you’ll be wishing you bought one for yourself too. 

The Best Gift for Yourself Because You Deserve It: Weekend Wellness Retreat 

The most logical way to unwind? Away from everyone. After all that shopping and schmoozing you need a lil something for yourself, and that little something should include sunshine and alone time. Check out of holiday drama and into an outdoor wellness retreat where you can move, rest, and spa like your family doesn’t exist. Just don’t forget to pack your hiking clothes and bathing suit!

The Best Gift for The Rugged Man in Your Life Who Doesn’t Know What Wellness Means: Flannel Pajamas and Slippers 

Your Dad may not know what wellness means, and he may claim to not care,  but we know he’s no stranger to relaxation time in the recliner. For the rugged guy who just wants to dissociate in peace, we recommend these soft flannel pjs in an adorable ski print. Pair them with these sherpa-lined suede slippers for the full off-duty-dad look. 

The Best Gift for Your Grandparents Who Don’t Get as Much Movement as They’d Like to: Compression Socks

Grandma and Grandpa might also fall into the “what the heck is ‘wellness’?” category, but who can blame them, they’ve lived through enough holiday seasons. We recommend going the ultra-practical route for these recipients with matching pairs of stylish compression socks. The older we get, the more we just want something practical, and nothing is more practical than garments that improve our health. A two for one gift? Grandma will be so proud of your savings.

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