Keep Your Charm: Jewelry You Can Sweat, Swim, and Sleep In

Keep Your Charm: Jewelry You Can Sweat, Swim, and Sleep In

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Get a pit in your stomach any time you have to leave your favorite accessories in your car at a trail head? Don’t feel fully yourself without some statement earrings? Tired of buying cheap jewelry that changes color not long after it arrives in the mail? Me too! I did the work so you wouldn’t have to, diving in (sometimes literally) into the deep end of adventure-ready jewelry ready to help you maintain your fully styled fits while you swim, sweat, and explore this summer. 

Say goodbye to losing your favorite jewelry in a random jacket pocket and hello to jewelry that you (mostly) never, ever need to take off. From handcrafted silver jewelry to trendy Amazon brands, these brands fit the bill and will fill your jewelry boxes quickly!

Adventure Ready Jewels:


Atolea “Antigua” Choker — $45.

If paperclip chain chokers were last year’s trend, I’d say this summer’s update is the Antigua Choker by Atolea. The delicate details of this choker will give any look a polished finish, not to mention that Atolea promises that this gold plated necklace is water, sweat and heat resistant. 

This piece adds a touch of whimsy without being too over the top It’s tiny enough to be versatile, but its delicate details still make a statement. It’s not so tight that it’s uncomfortable, but also not so loose that it could get in your way. I plan to wear mine while I lounge beachside, mountain bike in the desert, and backpack the entire Teton Crest trail.


We Dream in Color Frosted Oak Earrings - $70.

We Dream in Colour, my number one favorite jewelry brand, is a Black-owned, self-funded, and independent jewelry line focused on sustainability. Unlike Atolea, We Dream in Color does not promise their earrings are waterproof, but I know from first hand experience that their small dangles are absolutely perfect for hiking. 

When I first moved to Jackson, I saw people everywhere wearing gorgeous dangle earrings out in the mountains and thought to myself how the heck is this happening?! I shopped the We Dream in Colour Bamboo earrings from a local store, which I gifted to myself for my birthday. I loved these earrings so much that I went back to the store to learn more about the brand. 

Since these earrings have closed loop ear wires, I’ve never had a problem with them falling off. They are hand painted so I don’t shower or sleep in them, but I’ve worn them several times a week for three years now and they still look pristine . The two-inch long Frosted Oak Earrings are my next adventure earring purchase, and I can’t wait to buy them soon. 


Daily Stacker Ring — $48.

My favorite type of jewelry has to be rings, and as someone who’s dabbled in ring design myself, they are such a fun and easy way to elevate a simple outfit. This Daily Stacker Ring by Mejuri is the golden standard for a simple ring. 

The gold vermeil plating is designed to last longer than normal gold plating, and this ring is available in sizes 4 through 10. I highly recommend using a sizing guide to measure your finger any time you order a ring, and Mejuri offers one directly on their website. 

Mejuri describes this piece as the jewelry version of a white t‑shirt, and I couldn’t agree more. You can never go wrong with an essential gold or silver band, and since Mejuri jewelry is built to last, you’ll never feel like you need to take it off. 


Maggie the Bear Humpback Whale Hoop Earring — $295.

My next suggestion for adventure earrings is anything made by Maggie the Bear. This Vermont based artist makes whimsical, nature inspired pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. Since most of her pieces are larger, you may not want to sleep in them, but can swim and sweat in them for sure.

Handcrafted silver handmade jewelry is an amazingly durable material, and the theme of Maggie’s pieces could inspire an adventure on their own. To be the first to know when Maggie drops new jewelry, sign up for her newsletter on her website and browse her past collections. Whether it’s a set of beautiful whale hoops, salmon with turquoise, or tiny moth studs, this one of a kind jewelry does the trick when you’re looking for a piece to complete your adventure outfit. 


Freshwater Pearl Choker — $34.95.

Pavoi is the best budget brand durable jewelry I’ve been able to find. I think Pavoi is the perfect brand for trendier pieces of jewelry since most pieces sit at a lower price range. Pavoi focuses on making quality, sustainable, everyday jewelry, and I’ve found that it’s perfect for adventuring. 

I wear my Pavoi Square Tube Hoops daily and have found that they match every single outfit in my closet (active and work). Up next on my list to try is their Vermeil Curb Chain Bracelet which is the perfect balance of delicate-looking and versatile. 

My favorite aspect of Pavoi pieces is their layerability, and this Freshwater Pearl Choker is no exception. I plan to purchase it alongside a few additional chains and wear them all summer long. 


Stella xx | Mixed Greens — $64.

I’m obsessed with these spunky earrings from Clay by Shay—a small batch ceramics studio. Their jewelry is designed to be lightweight and durable enough to ride on the ears of the most extreme athletes. They mix their own clay and are dedicated to sustainability into every step of their process. 

These dangly green earrings are perfectly fun, light, and hardy to withstand any adventure adding a level of sophistication to whatever clothes (or gear) you’ve got on below. If green isn’t your color, browse Clay by Shay’s other colorways and styles. If you’re more of a fun shape than a fun color person, these Obsidian Night earrings are yours. 


The Ariel Pendant — $100.

Last but certainly not least is this gorgeous drop pearl pendant by Maris Pearl Co. This Hawai‘i based brand sells naturally shaped, ethically made pearl jewelry to raise awareness and funding for marine conservation. This pendant specifically is made of 14k yellow gold fill with a 14mm teardrop coin pearl. They suggest extending your chain and wearing this one long. 

I adore the laidback and delicate vibe of a naturally shaped pearl, and this pendant elevates any breezy beachy outfit up a notch. All Maris Pearl Co. pieces are designed to thrive in the ocean, but be careful with perfumes and makeups as they may erode the delicate pearls. 

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