And I Would Walk 10,000 Miles: The Long Walks Edit

And I Would Walk 10,000 Miles: The Long Walks Edit

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Since it’s nearly February and I’ve spent most of the month skiing, I’m already behind on this goal: walking from Florida to Canada in the year 2023.

As someone who has thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on her bucket list—no, not because of Wild by Cheryl Strayed—making a gigantic walking goal for myself isn’t too far off base. But here’s the thing: I don’t actually enjoy long walks. Hiking feels different. Running feels even better to me. Walking just feels eh. Truthfully, my inspiration was…an episode of Modern Family in which Phil tries to finish his “walk” on the elliptical from L.A. to Canada. Partway through folding my laundry and listening to the sitcom, I thought “oh, I could do that too.”

I crave tangible goals, pieces that make me feel productive throughout my year. Bonus points if they’re physical. So once the idea got in my head, it stuck.

There are 1,240 miles from my hometown of Tampa, Florida to the Canadian border—calculated at Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York for this purpose. I’m actually part Canadian, so I make the journey by car every July. Walking it feels like a natural, or rather unnatural, escalation. 

To be clear, I’m not literally walking to Canada (yet—PCT, I’m coming for you!) Rather, I’m dividing up the mileage with a goal of completing the distance by the end of December 2023. I’ll run, walk, and go on the treadmill in tandem.

To do it properly, I’ll need an incredible pair of sneakers. Some blister busters. A fitness tracker. A water bottle with electrolytes. Out of all the gear to get me through my personal challenge, here’s what I’ve settled on for my mileage. 

Shop the long walks edit with 11 editor-approved favorites:


SHORT WALK SHOES : Woolloomooloo Belmont Merino Wool Shoes—$150

Why we love it: You best believe I’m going to be tracking every step I take, not only my conscious walks. For errands around the city, like groceries or bookstore runs, I rely on this comfy pair of wool sneakers from Woolloomooloo (say that five times fast.) They’re surprisingly lightweight and breathable, so I can gogogo without thinking too much.


LONG WALK SNEAKERS: HOKA Bondi 8 Sneakers—$165.

Why we love it: I always go for long walks in these sneakers (and they’re my go-to treadmill shoe) because I can forget about how much I’m moving. They’re so cloud-like and cushioned that the miles feel bouncy and easier on my joints. Plus, I love their bright color offerings.

WATER BOTTLE: Larq Bottle Filtered—$50 (was $58).

Why we love it: This sleek, subtle water bottle will keep your beverages cold for up to 24 hours, ideal for when you’re five miles in and the temperatures keep climbing. Better yet, the bottle uses Larq’s signature PureVis technology, a revolutionary portable water filtration system that ensures every sip you take is free of any harmful chemicals.

ELECTROLYTES: Liquid IV Universe Sampler—$35.

Why we love it: You know how humans are sixty percent water? Well, I’m probably at least twenty percent Liquid I.V. This electrolyte-packed “hydration multiplier” is small and easy to carry around, but will give your water that extra boost you need to stay hydrated. My personal favorite is the lemon-lime, and at any given time, you can probably find five to 10 packets on my person. (Currently: purse, ski jacket, wallet, backpack, bedside table.) Bonus points for preventing a hangover later, when you’re back from your walk and want a post-mileage beer.

BLISTER BLOCKER: Band-Aid Blister Block Stick—$9.

Why we love it: I first encountered the *magic* of the Band-Aid Blister Block Stick when I was a mere freshman in high school, getting ready to wear heels to the homecoming dance. It’s a miracle worker for painful shoes. And for walking? Chafed heels and red, burning skin? Just spread a layer over any hot spots developing on your feet (when you start to feel a blister forming, or preventatively) and the material will act as a buffer between your shoe and your skin. Because nothing ruins a long walk like a blister.


HAT: Take a Walk Cap—$24.

You can use any hat you’d like, but if I may make a recommendation? I love the reminder from this Fulton cap, and it’s just different enough that you won’t see it on every pedestrian you pass (although it is slightly Insta-famous.) Beige and green is the ultimate sporty color combo, and the lightweight cotton cap will protect you (and your face!) from those wicked UV rays.


FITNESS TRACKER: Garmin Forerunner 245—$330 (was $350).

Why we love it: Fundamentally, if you’re doing a walking challenge, you need a device that accurately counts your steps. I’ve tested the Apple Watch and the Whoop as well, and while I appreciate each for different reasons, what I appreciate most about the Garmin is that the battery lasts forever and there’s no monthly fee; the up-front cost is what you see right away. It also tracks my sleep, training status, heart rate variability, and I can even sync music offline to listen without having to bring my phone along.


SUNSCREEN: Olay Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Hydrating Moisturizer—$30.

Why we love it: I’m Floridian, so I’m especially picky about choosing an effective sunscreen. Too many women I know have sun spots, cancer scares, and similar because of exposure. I recently became loyal to this Olay Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Hydrating Moisturizer, which combines the brightening power of the vitamin with the bonafide protection of an SPF. It’s creamy rather than greasy, has a convenient pump, and feels incredible.

DEODORANT: Curie x Equinox Deodorant—$14.

Why we love it: Admittedly, when I lived in NYC this past fall, I did most of my walking on a treadmill at Equinox. Yes, I was that girl. The pricey gym membership has a cult following, and was worth it to me thanks to 1) getting out of my house at the end of the workday and 2) the spa-like experience of their eucalyptus-scented towels combined with a fantastic showering experience. It gave me community when I needed it! This deodorant spray was stocked in all the locker rooms thanks to Curie’s collaboration with the gym, which smells exactly like their fresh juniper eucalyptus towels. Better yet, the deodorant is free of aluminum, parabens, or phthalates.


SNEAKER INSERTS : Fulton Athletic Insoles—$48 (was $60).

Why we love it: If you’re doing a lot of walking and running, you may need some extra support in the sole area. Fulton offers orthotic insoles crafted from carbon-negative cork, which are good for both you and the environment. The cork molds to your feet, adding comfort to your mileage, and can also help support unique bodies who may not get what they need from traditional shoes—flat feet, high arches, and the like. As for myself, I just love them because I can walk for longer without stopping, and I have noticed a difference in my soreness (or lack thereof.)


UNDER DESK TREADMILL: Treadly 2 Pro, $899 (was $950).

Why we love it: The number one way to get the mileage in during the day? An under-desk treadmill of course! This work-from-home favorite blew up in 2020 and has continued to get even more popular thanks to remote workers (and Netflix aficionados, myself included) realizing that they don’t have to be sedentary during the nine-to-five. As someone who self-admittedly struggles with long, leisurely walks (and yet continues to endure this challenge), chipping away at my mileage with this handy machine is the way to go. It can also track your steps for you, so you don’t lose track, includes a Bluetooth speaker, and folds away after use.

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