The Coastal Cool, the Cowgirl, and the Shady Beach— Sun Hats You Shouldn’t Live Without

The Coastal Cool, the Cowgirl, and the Shady Beach—  Sun Hats You Shouldn’t Live Without

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As a freckled face, red-head girl I’ve worn a hat on my head for the majority of my life. In recent years, sunscreen brands like Supergoop! have stepped up the game making amazing—dare I say enjoyable to use—creams that actually work. But in the height of summer, “just sunscreen” isn’t going to cut it for me. 

We’ve all been there—at the boiling hot festival, the roasting restaurant deck, or the blazing boat day. We wait all winter long for the warmth and joy of these days only to be left fried and exhausted from the sun’s rays. Avoid dehydration this season with a cap that keeps you cool and completes your outfit. Here’s five stunning sun hats (that double as a personal sunbrella.)

Hat Girl Summer:


Ford in Brown - $84

Let’s start with the most spunky and perhaps versatile hat of all:the cowgirl hat. This one designed and made by Wyeth is a modern take on the classic style. Made of 100 percent  sisal straw with a leather scalloped rope, this hat is the perfect laid-back pick for whatever your summer weekend brings. 

The color brown’s been all the rage this year, and I’m obsessed with the hue of this lid. I adore the way a woven cowgirl hat takes the try-hard edge off this epic style. Pair it with some on trend shades (like in the reference photo above ) and look like you’ve got it all together no matter what else you’re wearing. 

Baseball Hat - $40

Everybody needs a baseball cap, and this one by Favorite Daughter is so much fun. It’s almost a dad hat but doesn’t require quite as much outfit curation in order to avoid  looking like an actual dad. I love a brand with a bold name who makes logo apparel, and this piece is spot-on for that viiiibe. It’s also a statement if you’ve got sisters (or if you don’t!). 

Wear it with jeans and a white tee to the farmer’s market or pair it with your favorite running shorts and get-up and get to it! This cotton, unstructured hat is the ideal finish to an early morning outing outfit. Whether or not you use it as an activewear hat, this cap’s sure to keep the sun (and the haters) out of your gaze. 

Cobalt Rancher - $149

For situations a little more serious than what your cowgirl hat or classic cap can accomplish, consider this Cobalt Ranch hat by Lack of Color. This masculine, vintage style hat comes in several bold and commanding colors, ironic considering the brand’s name. This stiffened wool fedora would look stunning with a structured blazer or simpler dress. If paired with the right shades, this style will have other people on the pool deck thinking you’re someone famous. 

Be sure to check out the Lack of Color sizing chart to get the right size for you. How well your hat fits will  greatly determine how often you go to the trouble of styling your hair. Express shipping for this one is only $30 (and standard it $15-20), so you still have time to get this one before your next beach trip. 

 Western Wide Palma - $149

This wide, western palm leaf sun hat is sitting in my shopping cart as we speak. Every hat made by Lack of Color is epically gorgeous, and this summer hat is no exception. I can see you wearing this one on the beach with your favorite bikini, in Italy with your breeziest sundress, or on your trip out West when you’re trying to channel Elsa Dutton from 1923. 

Choose between one of three natural palm colors, each of which will match virtually everything else in your closet. For some additional customization, match it to your fit with a bandana or ribbon. You could even look extra free spirited by adding some fresh flowers to your tie. Be sure and store this one with care (in a box or hanging up) as they can be damaged if not handled properly. 

Flat bill: Mellow Hat - $32

Nothing says chill girl quite like a corduroy hat. Make it a flat bill and you’re straight out of a surf movie. I love this cap by Surf Locos, a California based brand focused on making ethically created apparel for ocean lovers. Among their awesome tees are a number of epic lids that are mellow and funky.

Any time I’m camping (and skipping a shower or two—some adventures are worth it!), I bring a flat bill along. They work really well with sunglasses in a way I’ve found baseball caps do not. This hat begs to be added to your beach bag on your trip to the Pacific Northwest. You won’t regret adding (another) on-trend brown hat to your life—I promise. 

Holiday Bucket - Formes Green - $129

I’ve said it here once and I’ll say it again. Don’t hate me, butthe bucket hat thing’s been overdone. However, this one is actually worth the hype. Another epic style by (surprise, surprise) Lack of Color, this hat’s sure to bring the sun coverage you’re looking for. This custom print hat is worth centering your entire outfit around. Its under-the-chin strap is bona-fide perfect for boat days with a breeze. 

If green doesn’t go well with your eyes, this is your third and final opportunity to tap into the brown hat trend in this one- of- a- kind pattern. While this one leans on the pricier side for a statement hat, - a great hat is worth a million sunscreen reapplies, which we all know are a whole lot harder to accomplish when we’re having a good time. Do yourself a favor and invest in this summer hat that’s sure to squeeze into your style year- round.

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