Any Day’s a Good Day to Get Veggies: Crush the Farmer’s Market Game this Spring

Any Day’s a Good Day to Get Veggies: Crush the Farmer’s Market Game this Spring

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One of my favorite activities on the entire planet is wandering a farmer’s market with my friends on a Saturday morning, in sleepy delirium from staying out too late the night before. The colors, the smells, the people watching, the yummy treats, and the sunshine create  the perfect pick-me-up. Over the years of existing as an avid market attendee, I’ve come to learn it’s way more than just a place to stock up of fresh veggies, local cheese, and artisan baked bread — it’s a place for me to express my stylish self in a way that doesn’t fit into my work dress code or nighttime going-out outfits. Give me a long dress, sandals, fun lipgloss, a brightly colored net bag, and a quilt to match, and I’ll be there for most of the day. Trust me, it’s way more fun than doom scrolling on your couch.


Semi-professional market goer endorsed products:


The French Market Bag no.2 - $18.

Before anything else, you’re going to want to find the perfect bag(s). I recommend bringing more than one because it’s nice to bring a layer to shed once the day starts to  warm up (and a hat.). First up — bags. My favorite bag to bring to a market is a mesh one. They’re on trend and come in so many amazing colors. They also expand so much and can carry tons of weight, making it easy for your to get your fruit haul home. This one from Ikea is a gorgeous springy blue and this one is nice because its long handle allows you to carry it over your shoulder instead of just in your hand. I usually bring my mesh bag inside of another, sturdier bag. For me that’s usually my canvas baggu tote, but a zip up one like this one is even better. If you’re really looking for a statement piece that you’ll use in the daytime this spring and summer, this yellow Prada tote is killer. Yep—had to throw in the designer option. Farmer’s market girlies contain multitudes.


Bae Platform Mules — $60.

Second only to your bag, the most important piece of your farmer’s market ensemble is your shoes. If your feet aren’t comfy, you won’t be either. I love having a shoe I can slip on and off in case I decide to hang on a quilt or picnic blanket. I’m in love with these clogs and all the fun colors that they come in. You can wear them with or without fun socks, and they look really cute with slouchy jeans or cute sweatpants. Their  platform feature makes them a bit cuter than a house shoe or slipper. Honestly, I forecast them to be the warm weather version of the platform short Ugg obsession

If platforms are not your style and you want something a bit more neutral, these ankle wrap sandals are stunning and are handmade in Greece. I always keep a pair of sandals like these in my closet because they’re the same amount as any other type of sandal but make you look so put together. I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly, but something about the wrap around tie feature is so beautiful. 

Finally, the  obvious and most functional shoe wear for walking around a market is sneakers. These ones by Veja made up of neutral tan and soft pastel leather and suede would be versatile and comfy for the entire time you’re roaming around. 


Fray-Hem Bucket Hat — $38.

Since it’s most likely sunny (I honestly only go to markets in perfect weather), it’s always nice to have a hat. I saw this one on someone for the first time last summer and my jaw dropped. This bucket hat is literally stunning . I think the trend as a whole has been a little over done, but this big brimmed, frayed edge bucket hat is worth every penny. 

This summer, I’m planning to invest in a palm leaf hat. I love these ones from Jackson Hole based brand, Sing Hat Company. They’re super versatile and come in a wide variety of sizes, making it easy to choose one that will fit you perfectly, forever. 

It’s taken me a little while, but I’m in on the ball cap trend too and love the classic cobalt blue cap by Outdoor Voices. I like not caring about my hair on a Saturday morning, and a baseball cap makes that easy. 


My favorite thing to wear to a market is an easy dress. I swear people always think you have it all together when you wear a dress, and it’s far easier than putting together a top and bottom. This pleated dress by Anthropologie is so much fun with a knitted top and fabric bottom. Reformation might be my all time favorite brand of all time, and this linen dress is a work of art in my opinion. It comes in a blue and white color they call “poolside” that visually encapsulates a summer day. This colorblock dress would look gorgeous with the ankle wrap sandals I mentioned above. The top delicate has stringy straps and the open back is beautiful. The blue and green colors will match the veggies you collect. If you do decide to wear pants, my all-time favorite fun pants of all time are these wide leg ones by Billabong . The high waist is super flattering and they’re incredibly comfortable too.

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