9 Investment-Worthy Recovery Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders for Winter 2023

9 Investment-Worthy Recovery Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders for Winter 2023

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Après isn’t just for champagne and hot tubs (although we love that too.) It’s also for foam rolling, protein, and muscle salves—so you’re not wincing your way through the resort lot the next morning. 

When we’re skiing, we give most of our attention to our setup on the slopes—our skis, our boots, our gloves, our jackets. Every choice we make for our snow-ready gear will make a difference in how we best perform (and enjoy!) our time on the runs. Whether you’re new to skiing or well-versed in its language, many often forget an important aspect of making sure we’re taking advantage of our lift tickets: recovery.

For the skier or snowboarder who seems to have it all, gifting for recovery can also be a thoughtful, under-the-radar way to encourage their progress. We’ve curated 8 recovery-focused gifts, from the casual to the luxe, to consider for your skier or snowboarder this holiday season—or yourself.

8 Recovery Focused Gifts for The Skier or Snowboarder Who Has It All:


HigherDOSE — The Infrared PEMF Mat — $876 (was $1,095).

While at a high price point, a sauna mat can significantly reduce recovery time by relieving muscle soreness. And infrared treatment? Feels incredible after a day in sub-thirty temps. If you’re a little woo-woo, the Infrared PEMF Mat leverages the technical benefits of Infrared Heat with the more spiritual benefits of Crystal Therapy, and Negative Ion Therapy to improve your mood and well-being. More of a yogi than a skier? Use the Infrared PEMF Mat during your practice for an elevated healing experience.

Garmin — Garmin Forerunner 245 Music — $192 (was $350).

A fitness tracker is a phenomenal gift for athletes, data geeks (like myself), those who like to go phoneless, or even those who want to get better sleep. When you can measure something, you can improve it—whether that means your activity on the slopes or your personal wellness habits. While I’ve tried quite a few trackers in my time, I appreciate the Garmin because it’s a one-time buy instead of a subscription, has a thorough data system and app (including sleep scores, streaks, training status, and more), and allows you to sync music to your watch instead of your phone — convenient for snow activities when you don’t want to drop your phone mid-lift or to drain the battery super quickly. This battery lasts for days. While I generally do not shop at Amazon, it’s currently on sale there for half off, making it a smart gift option.

Lyric — Lyric Therapeutic Massager — $100.

Many massage guns are aggressively athletic. As much as we love the big brand names and deep tissue vibrations, the Lyric Massager has a gentler touch and more holistic experience—which can feel nice whether you’re massaging out knots, or simply want a relaxing routine to de-stress during your day. The Lyric has multiple attachments to customize your sensation. Click through the intuitive touchscreen to choose from pain relief, relaxation, and other modes. The device then has instructions that walk you step-by-step through a massage regimen to fit your function. The Lyric also has an extension handle for hard-to-reach places like the mid-back, and a companion app that’s constantly refreshing with new content and routines.

ENUF — The Ritual CBD Balm — $77.

A little secret? This organic full-spectrum CBD balm is actually developed to help with periods and your menstruation cycle; the founders aimed to develop a natural and effective approach to cramps, muscle aches, and other unfortunate physical effects of your time of the month. While this salve feels incredible for this purpose, its penetrative power — combined with the relaxing scents of patchouli, cedarwood, lavender, and peppermint — is a dream on sore muscles post-workout too. You can also dab it on your temples for headaches, on wrists for long days at the WFH grind, or pop it in the fridge to add in a pleasant cooling sensation.

Baloo  Weighted Comforter — from $279.

As a professional product reviewer, I’ve tried an obscene amount of bedding at this point; one of my favorites is the Baloo Weighted Comforter, for several reasons. The sides aren’t weighted, which means you can make your bed without fighting with it; the weight’s centered in the center, where it pushes down on you. It feels incredible on my joints, whether hurting or simply anxious, and is a grounding presence in my bed. Finally, the 100 percent cotton exterior prevents the blanket from trapping heat, so I used it in the thick of the Florida summer—but it’s comfortable and cozy enough for year-round use. I love investing in a comforter that I can actually use no matter the season, and the well-proportioned weight throughout the blanket feels heavenly on sore muscles. 

BlendJet — Portable Blender — $50.

While protein is excellent whenever you can get it, many fitness experts recommend consuming protein post-workout within thirty minutes for the most efficacy; however, as any ski bum or snowboarder can attest, by the time you take off all your gear and get to your car, that window’s likely already passed. And that’s not even considering traffic! A personal blender, such as this handy BlendJet, can be a quick but effective way to get your protein in “on time”; just pack this and a single-serve packet and you’re good to go.

Hyperice — Vyper 3 Vibrating Foam Roller — $150 (was 199).

Last season, this vibrating foam roller from Hyperice was a godsend for me. Evenings ended with me rolling out my aching muscles in my long underwear in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa beside me — idyllic. The ritual of it is appealing, and the three speeds of vibration were powerful. Better yet, the contoured design avoids putting pressure on the spine and other sensitive areas, so it alleviates tension without inflaming any existing pains. The charge lasts for two hours and the size is convenient enough to keep in your car, ski locker, or even your carry-on for your next destination — it’s TSA-approved.

Comrad — Cozy Compression Socks — $32.

Ugh, inflammation. The bane of our existence. Compression socks generally stimulate blood flow, reduce soreness and swelling, relieve muscle pain, etc,. But they tend to feel a little tired. These oh-so-cute compression socks from Comrad look like your fave pair of ski or fuzzy socks, but they have graduated compression that gives them extensive health benefits that can boost your post-ski recovery. They also hit just below the knee, so you can layer them under your favorite boots. Nobody will ever know! But if they do, they’re stylish enough to meet our standards.

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