It’s Raining (Wo)men: Rain Jackets, Boots, and Other Weatherproof Gear

It’s Raining (Wo)men: Rain Jackets, Boots, and Other Weatherproof Gear

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When it rains, it pours. It’s an adage that’s unfortunately true. And, well, when it’s thirty-eight degrees out, that’s the last thing we want. Give us snow, glorious snow! Still, depending on your area, you have quite a few slushy days to wade through—literally—before you get to the good stuff.

Weatherproof clothes and gear make a world of difference in staying warm and happy no matter the season. During the summer, the proper pair of boots gets you through the monsoons. During the winter, they get you through the chill. And then there are all the days in between. After all, is there anything worse than wet feet?

Repeat after me: you don’t have to default to a shitty raincoat. Just because you have to cover the outfit you’d planned doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a fresh, alternative style! Having a go-to overcoat you love will keep your spirits high when the temps are low—and will keep you safe if you’ve underestimated the elements in your search for adventure.

Shop the edit below for the funkiest, most stylish, PLEIN AIR-approved wet weather gear. Don’t rain on our parade, baby!


7 Editor-Approved Rain Jackets, Boots, Sneakers, and Other Weatherproof Gear:

  1. Vessi Waterproof Sneakers, $125.
  2. Hunter Balmoral Commando Rubber Zip Tall Rain Boots, $295.
  3. RAINS Backpack Mini, $95.
  4. dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve, $195.
  5. HOKA Ultralight Waterproof Jacket, $295.
  6. Sweaty Betty Motion Longline Parka, $208.
  7. RAINS Curve Jacket, $140.

Vessi — Women’s Everyday Move Slip-Ons — $125 (was $145).

Most of the time, when I get caught in the rain, it’s not that I didn’t have an umbrella or rain boots — it’s that they were at home and the downpour was sudden. To avoid that whole *scenario*, opt instead for making your daily-use sneakers waterproof. Bonus points for never having to avoid surprise puddles. I’m a fan of Vessi’s Women’s Everyday Move Slip-Ons, which channel that French-girl monochrome white-sneaker aesthetic that’s so popular. The knit’s flexible and breathable, so they feel easy-breezy rather than chunky, and they’re also vegan. You’ll want to reach for them time after time, forecast or not.

Hunter — Women’s Balmoral Commando Rubber Zip Tall Rain Boots — $295.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who knows a storm’s grumbling before you’ve left the house, embrace the full-on rain aesthetic with a knee-high pair of polished Hunter boots. The comfortable polyester lining and the handcrafted construction process make these a winner in our book, and the unique textural finish? Too chic! Shop the twist on the iconic boot for $295.

RAINS — Backpack Mini — $95.

While RAINS’s high-fashion puffers and raincoats are worth crushing on, we can admit—it’s a pricey brand. Still, their Backpack Mini is an attractive, affordable pick from the line that does double-duty: it looks sleek and professional enough to be an everyday bag, but is completely waterproof. The backpack has an internal “dry bag” with an exterior crafted from RAINS’s signature waterproof PU fabric. No more stressing about transporting your laptop to the office, or your dry change of clothes to your next adventure. It even has a protected phone pocket — and it comes in nine colors ranging from black to pink to olive.

dryrobe — dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve — $195.

When you’re coming in from frigid surf, you want to get warm and dry as quickly as possible. No matter the weather, the dryrobe is an excellent option for quickly raising body temperature on the go or in recovery, making it a prime choice for when you’re coming in from an outdoor activity that’s tested your physical limits. The roomy size allows you plenty of room for changing into sweats underneath, synthetic lambswool lining keeps you toasty, and the waterproof shell protects you from the elements. It’s also a great option to keep in your car for occasions in which you’ve underestimated Mother Nature.

HOKA — Ultralight Waterproof Jacket — $295.

HOKA may have won our hearts with their sneakers, but we stayed for their waterproof jackets. This colorful pick packs down into a pocket-sized rectangle, so you can keep it on you whenever. The HOKA Ultralight Waterproof Jacket is made from a Pertex® 2.5 L shell and is packed with features like a fully taped French seam, signature underarm gusset, lightweight hood drawcord, articulated sleeve, bonded perforated visor, and reflectivity for ultimate visibility (especially great for runners.) Need we say more?

Sweaty Betty — Motion Longline Parka — $208.

Sweaty Betty’s is a winner for us in the ski world, so it makes complete and utter sense that they’d know exactly how best to beat the rain. (Uh, snowproof is waterproof—duh.) This gorgeous green shade is stunning enough that I just might want to wear it when it’s sunny outside too. Bonus points for plenty of pockets and an adjustable toggled collar with zip-off hood and zip-up vents at the hem.

RAINS — Curve Jacket — $140.

The trench never goes out of style, and RAIN’s edition is waterproof, windproof, lightweight, and engineered for ventilation. Plus, the jacket comes with a two-year warranty should the weather really take a toll, but we’re hopeful for sunny days ahead! The A‑line fit and waist-belt make for a flattering silhouette, while details like a cap-brim hood and adjustable cuffs ensure practicality. If you’re often heading to the office, events, or even traveling (in which you need each item to do double-duty), the Curve Jacket would make a timeless yet striking addition to your wardrobe.

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