Show Me The Receipts: September Edition

Show Me The Receipts: September Edition

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Snuggle up and get ready to get ~intimate~, because I (Madeleine Eiting, PLEIN AIR Founder) am sharing my monthly shopping habits with you, our lovely community, in a new series, aptly named “Show Me The Receipts”  Each month, I’ll be sharing what I bought, what I loved using (that I already had in my closet), and what’s on my shopping wishlist for the future. 

As an editor, it’s my job to keep you in the loop on all of the good things happening in the outdoor industry and beyond. From new collections to product innovations, I’ve got ya covered. But believe it or not, I do more than just write about the best products out there. I shop for them too, just like you. So why not share what I’m spending my money on? I personally luvvvv watching the SheerLuxe TikTok page to see what their team is wearing and what they are planning to buy with their next paycheck.

In the spirit of transparency, my purchases will be rated by the following stamps of approval:  “I’m obsessed,”  “I like it,” and “It wasn’t for me.”

Let’s do a shopping deep dive, shall we? 

My September, At A Glance: 

What I bought this month: 

What I loved using this month (that I already had):

What’s on my wishlist: 

What I Shopped in September

Topo Designs, Fanny Pack—$59

I’ve been a SERIOUS fanny pack wearer for about five years now. They keep all of my personal items handy while hiking, skiing, walking—you name it. I had one in yellow until it became so discolored it wasn’t yellow anymore, then I had one in orange until I spilled red nail polish alllll over it (long story, not my fault.) Finally, I said enough  with the colorful fanny packs and opted for this all black Topo Designs Hip Pack. It’s sleek but also spacious as heck. My ex-fanny packs weren’t as structured, and while I loved them, they often felt a little frumpy — this one looks so sophisticated, and I’m obsessed!

Salomon, Sportstyle Sneakers—$130

These gorgeous colorful sneaks have been on my list for over a year now and I finally snagged a pair while shopping at, wait for it… Nordstrom Rack. For years, I would complain when my mom suggested we hit the Rack. But now? After getting a pair of discounted Salomons? I’m a believer. They are pretty much sold out of these puppies online, but you might be able to snag a pair in person like I did. I’m obsessedddd. 

LL Bean, Boat and Tote—$30

Okay, small disclaimer: I haven’t received this bag yet, but I have gifted it multiple times. These bags fit squarely in my two requirements for a perfect gift: it has to be both personal and useful.  1) The custom embroidery option means you can add a funny nickname or inside joke on the outside and  2) Who doesn’t need a tote bag? Hence, the perfect gift. After gifting this bag on five different occasions, I decided it was time to buy one for myself too. Self gift. I deserved it, honestly. I would say I’m obsessed, but they have a serious backorder, so for now,  I like it.

What I Loved Using

Lululemon, Oversized Trench Coat—$298

Want to know my secret to looking polished but staying comfortable? Long overcoats. You can wear sweatpants or biker shorts, and still look insanely chic with a trench coat over top. The trench linked isn’t the same as the lululemon one I have because I bought mine a few years ago, but to be quite honest, the one above is cuter. 

Aritzia, New Willow SinchSeamless™ T-Shirt—$35

By now, we all know neutral basics are the key to building a capsule wardrobe. Even if you’re not into the whole neutral look, having trusted basics in your closet make for easy everyday dressing. My style waffles depending on the day. Sometimes I’m sporty,  sometimes western, and other times preppy. Having basic staples in the closet helps me achieve all of those styles with ease.  These T-shirts from Aritzia are my go-to classic t-shirts. I have them in both black and white, and (don’t tell anyone I said this) but I pretty much wear them every day. If you grab one, I’d recommend sizing up because they are snug. I’m typically a size medium and their large even feels tight on me. 

Evoc, 1.5L Hydration Backpack—$130

There seems to be this unspoken rule that hydration vests are only for marathon runners. But you don’t need to be going far to reap the benefits of this little pack. I used to run with a running belt, which could hold my phone, a gel packet or two, and maybeee my keys, but at that point the belt would start to sag and bounce around a lot. This vest has so much more room with three separate front pockets and a large zip pocket in the back. I wear it on runs of any distance, and use it as my hiking backpack on shorter hikes. I 10/10 recommend getting one!

What’s on My Wishlist

Halfdays, Spritz Set (Top and Bottom)—$140

Ugh! Halfdays! I’m almost mad at you for making such a cute trail collection. I want it all, but since I can’t have it all, I’m probably going to settle on the all-red Spritz set. There is just something about this color that looks good on everyone!

UGG, Tazzlita—$150

More often than not, when writing recommendations for PLEIN AIR, I influence myself more than anyone else. I found these puff-ified Tasman Uggs while writing our fall shoe edit and now I cannot stop thinking about them. The only thing holding me back from ordering them right now is the fact that I’m getting a puppy in two months and I don’t want them to be confused for a chew toy. 

La Ligne, Mini Marin Striped Sweater—$295

Is anyone else obsessed with expensive knitwear? Just me? I’m balling on a budget so I can’t really afford more than one expensive sweater a season, and because of that it always takes me forever to actually buy one. Right now, this colorful striped crewneck sweater is at the top of my ever changing list. 

Want to be twins? Let me know what you shopped from my receipts! Tag @intopleinair on Instagram

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