Calpak’s Cute, Outdoor-Friendly Travel Collection Also Happens To Be Its Most Versatile and Sustainable

Calpak’s Cute, Outdoor-Friendly Travel Collection Also Happens To Be Its Most Versatile and Sustainable

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Of all the adventure gear I’ve collected over the years, my bag collection seems to never stop growing, quickly packing my closet with, well… packs. Aside from simply being charmed by their styles, I’ve become a bag lady because I haven’t been able to find one, single bag that does it all. Each pack I own serves a purpose; My fishing gear requires something waterproof and super durable against things like saltwater and scales. On the other hand, my ski pack needs to be lightweight to carry around on the slopes, but still sturdy enough to hold all my cold-weather gear. Summer hiking is a whole different story, as is everyday travel. 

Enter, Calpak’s new Terra collection, which happens to be its most versatile and sustainable launch yet. It’s the first luggage collection that I’ve tried that streamlines all the reasons I have multiple bags into one, unified pack. It also happens to be the brand’s latest foray into sustainability, and the results are a dream come true. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Calpak, the brand has been making top-tier wallets, handbags, and luggage since 1989. You’ve probably crossed paths with one of its pretty marble suitcases or terrazzo-print duffles in an airport or train station by now, as it’s beloved by travelers all around the globe for its blend of function and fashion. 

The Terra collection—which launched Summer 2022—is Calpak’s eco-friendly line made for outdoor adventuring. The word “Terra” comes from the Latin word for “land’ or “earth” (think: “Terrain”), which is where this line is designed to go. Be it hiking through a National Park, car camping the backcountry, or gardening in the backyard with friends, these pieces are meant to go outside, keeping your valuables safe, secure, and organized in trendy packs. 

Consisting of a backpack duffel, a sling bag, a toiletry kit, and now, a rolling suitcase, the items themselves are definitely more outdoor-focused, more packable and durable compared to other Calpak products. The minimalist colors are more earthy, too, and take inspiration from the great outdoors. There’s Glacier, an icy blue, Juniper, a light sage, Canyon, a sandy pink, and a classic black Obsidian. 

But most impressive is the material itself. The exterior is made from a recycled ripstop polyester treated with a water-resistant coating, meaning it can go (almost) anywhere. The inside is lined with a recycled poly made from plastic water bottles. (Each item actually says how many bottles were reused during manufacturing.) From the name down to the fabrics, it’s more Earth-friendly all-around. 

And its versatility means you don’t have to buy more bags—you can get away with one for all occasions. My 26L Duffel Backpack has quickly become the go-to pack I bring everywhere—I’ve used it on the boat, on the trail, and on an airplane, and it’s held up in all three situations. The only place I’m hesitant to use it is in the snow since it’s water-resistant and not waterproof (aka, it’ll still leak some if you really douse it.) It’ll withstand some flurries for sure, but a deep powder might require something leakproof. 

But overall, it’s nixed my bag-buying habit for good. Now I don’t need a bazillion packs—my Calpak Terra duffel has got me covered and it’s made me, my wallet, and the planet grateful.

Get your on Calpak Terra bag below.

Terra 40L Carry-On Luggage, $385

Available in Canyon, Juniper, Glacier, and Obsidian.

The original Terra collection consisted of only three pieces (see below), all of which had a more outdoorsy look and feel compared to traditional luggage. This gorgeous rolling suitcase was recently added to the new Terra line and is here to take your jetset life to new heights. Crafted with a hard-shell base and spinning casters, it’s the more sustainable version of your favorite travel bag, made with Terra material sourced from 27 plastic water bottles. You can certainly use it overlanding, but it’s really designed for air travel, as it’s small enough to be considered a carry-on without skimping on space. With its 40L capacity, there’s ample room to stuff all your stuff inside, plus a handful of external pockets for items that need to be accessed on the fly, like phone chargers, AirPods, and Chapstick. If you do need to dig inside, it sports dual-access openings to the main compartment, so you don’t have to empty the whole thing to get to what you need. And if you wind up venturing with it out in the Great Outdoors, that ripstop nylon and hard-shell base are sturdy enough to protect your belongings, no matter what gets in your way.


Terra 26L Backpack Duffel

Available in Canyon, Juniper, Glacier, and Obsidian. (Select colors sold out—waitlist available.)

For quicker weekend trips, camping excursions, and even daily commutes (do people still do that?!), the 26L Backpack Duffel is a perfect pack built to do it all. Unlike the rolling suitcase, it’s entirely soft-sided, making it lighter to carry around or squeeze in a brimmed trunk. Wear it with the padded shoulder straps as a backpack, or flip it on its side and carry it as a duffel—its hybrid design works both ways. Whichever way you use it, you’ll have plenty of space to store clothes, toiletries, snacks, shoes, and even a laptop. Its recycled polyester lining is water-resistant, so if your contact solution or mouthwash spills, it’s an easy clean-up. But that won’t probably happen anyway—the 26L Backpack Duffel comes with an interior compression strap for you to tighten up your belongings to prevent spilling or breakage when the ride or hike gets bumpy.


Terra Sling Bag, $58 

Available in Canyon, Juniper, Glacier, and Obsidian. (Select colors sold out—waitlist available.)

Ah, the joys of being hands-free. That’s the essence of the Sling Bag, which is a modernized, greener version of the iconic ‘90s fanny pack. With its spacious, pocket-loaded body and adjustable strap, it’s made to go anywhere without ever weighing you down. Wrap it around your waist when you want to keep your phone and keys within arm’s reach. For longer treks or trail runs when you need to free up space, slide the bag across your shoulders to wear it on your back. Like the other styles in the Terra collection, it’s water-resistant, easy to clean, and cute enough to substitute as a purse on a night out.


Terra Hanging Toiletry Bag, $48

Available in Canyon, Juniper, Glacier, and Obsidian. (Select colors sold out—waitlist available.)

Next camping trip, pack your medicine cabinet must-haves in this handy toiletry bag. Its folding design allows you to keep all your favorite beauty and hygiene products organized, complete with zippers, pockets, and even special elastic loops for storing those easy-to-lose items like toothbrushes and razors. The hidden hanging loop comes in handy when a shelf isn’t nearby, keeping all your essentials off the wet, dirty ground. From bug spray to body lotion, taking your beauty on the go has never been easier or eco-friendlier. 

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