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After Maui’s Wildfires, Here Are the Brands *Actually* Helping

After Maui’s Wildfires, Here Are the Brands *Actually* Helping

Image Credit: Aloha Collection
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Days ago, Maui burned. Even as a professional writer, there’s no prettier way to say it; this was the deadliest wildfire in modern American history, a devastation amplified by Hawai’i’s unique situation: nowhere to run, families forced to leave the islands because of exploitative land grabs, a lack of resources to care for the wounded as it’s the “most remote populated landmass in the world.” 

In case you somehow missed the news, a combination of hurricane factors, diverted water, drought conditions, and electrical lines caused an intense blaze to flare up in a massive wildfire that destroyed the historic city of Lahaina—once the capital of the state, and significant for many reasons—and left hundreds of native-born families with nothing. 

We are all horrified.. Even now, families are fielding phone calls from developers trying to buy their land for pennies—pennies that some families may need in the wake of utter destruction. The absolute best way to help islanders rebuild their lives and avoid these predators is to donate directly to the families via Venmo or a mutual aid fund. However, if that’s something you’re unable to do, or you’ve already done so and are now looking for that extra “little bit” to do your part, consider shopping at these brands who are giving to the community—whether through fundraisers, a portion of profits, or even all profits. While the initial hope would be to spotlight and supportive native Hawai’ian brands, we’ve focused this list on companies who have currently directly promised to donate. Without further ado, here are purchases you can make that also help the islands (and frankly, there should be more of them. If you’re a brand assisting with Maui relief, please let us know so we can add you!)

Brands Assisting with Maui Relief:

  1. Pūpū Mua Leather Mule Slippers—$130.
  2. Mohala Eyewear Noela Sunglasses—$179.
  3. Seasonal Color Wheel Art Print—$40.
  4. Monstera Pouch—$17 (was $34).
  5. Clare V. Trucker Hat—$49



Our Pick: Pūpū Mua Leather Mule Slippers, $130.

This Hawai’i-inspired footwear brand is currently matching the first $300K donated to Maui relief at checkout. Last week, the footwear brand also donated all profits on a given day (sale price minus cost of goods sold) to Maui relief, with hopes by customers that they might opt to do it again. OluKai’s Ama OluKai Foundation has been working within the community for over ten years, and their relief efforts have a tried-and-true basis. They’re committed to long-term relief (because while the current push of course helps, rebuilding Maui will be a marathon over years to come.)

Mohala Eyewear

Our Pick: Noela Sunglasses, $179.

Need a new pair of sunnies? Opt for the Maui Strong collection from Mohala Eyewear, donating 100 percent of profits to the Maui Strong Fund run by the Hawaii Community Collection. I’m eyeing (literally) this funky low-bridge tortoise pair. Its sunset-inspired color scheme and polarized tan gradient would go effortlessly with any beachy ‘fit. Oh, and as if you needed more reason to love them: the brand donates one week of school for each sunglasses purchase and one day of school for each accessory purchase to the Room to Read Girls’ Education Program.

Pali Swim

Our Pick: The Seasonal Color Wheel by Sasha Duerr, $40.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for the next print or art piece to show off on the wall. Why not add in a charity-focused (yet gorgeous) print? Better yet, this color wheel uses naturally-made dyes made from seasonally foraged weeds, medicinal plants, floral, and food waste, showing off the beauty of a zero-waste lifestyle. The print itself is created by Hawai'i artist and author Sasha Duerr, and each art print is on archival paper measuring 13” x 19.” 100 percent of sales will go towards the Maui Food Bank.

Aloha Collection

Our Pick: Monstera Pouch, $17 (was $34).

Now would be an excellent time to scoop up a new beach bag, makeup pouch, or similar from O’ahu-based bag and apparel brand Aloha Collection while it’s matching donations up to $50,000 and distributing bags on-island in Maui. Because while seeing brands donate proceeds from a special collection or product is nice, it’s also nice to know that they’re not just using the chance to drum up publicity off suffering, y’know? I’ve loved seeing this brand on Instagram, using their bags to package up donations on-site. They’ve given thousands of bags to local families already and, while cash is still more helpful than product donations, these care kits have been well received.


Clare V.

Our Pick: Hawaii, Mon Amour Trucker Hat

For a limited time, Clare V is re-launching their Hawaii, Mon Amour hat to support the Hawai'i Community Foundation - Maui Strong Fund. We already love Clare V for their French-approved accessories, but now love that these accessories are helping those in need. The Maui Strong Fund provides rapid response and recovery for areas affected by the wildfires. For more information on the fund and how they are supporting Maui, visit:


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