You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smoldering Hot Drink

You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smoldering Hot Drink

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Since the dawn of the Swell water bottle, to-go cups have become an accessory. No one likes cold coffee, and when all it takes is one step outside for your fresh drink to reach lukewarm, you’ve got to go in prepared. Here’s seven ready insulated and/or portable cups with the capacity to complete your outfits and keep your drinks warm all winter long.


Our Favorite To-Go Cups for Complementing Any Look:


Mug with Handle: Travel Mug – now $17. 

20 oz All Around™ Tumbler - $28.

Hydroflask has proven its value as a water bottle brand, but have you tried any of their other products? This cup is perfect for hot drinks and cocktails too, and the option to customize it makes it an incredible gift. This 20 oz container comes in five colors and fits perfectly into a car cup holder. If you feel the need to go bigger or smaller, check out their 16 oz and 28 oz versions. Hydroflask gives you the option to accessorize with a closeable press-in lid or a straw lid. Both are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and super high quality. I’d recommend buying both and considering yourself free from the need to use a java jacket ever again.


HuskeeCup Coffee Cup - now $22.

Lately, sleek coffee shops have stacked their shelves with these gorgeously aesthetic cups. If you’re looking to bring the high vibes home (and on all your errands), this cup is for you. They come in two sizes – 12 oz and 16 oz – and two colors – natural and black – meaning they’ll match whatever you’re wearing and house whatever you’re drinking. Use them at home and relish  the beautiful pattern you paint into your coffee foam, or pop on the top and keep the coffee contained and off your cute jacket. With this cup, you’ll never cry over spilled coffee again. 


Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug | 16 oz - $25. 

This year Stanley Cup made the comeback of the century, showing up on outdoor influencer’s IG accounts and tiktoks. I tried my sister’s Stanely Cup water bottle while I was visiting home, and I have to say – the hype is valid. This cup in particular is perfect for someone who spends any amount of time outdoors because it’s packable and leakproof. Its lifetime warranty and double-wall vacuum insulation basically guarantee you’ll have hot drinks for the rest of your life. The trigger-action mechanism of the top means at the click of a button, your drink’s ready to be enjoyed. Since you can open it easily with one hand, this cup is what Stanley Cup calls the perfect “copilot” for road trips and adventures.


Ello 16oz Ceramic Aspen Travel Mug – now $13.

These Ello travel mugs stand out from the rest because of their ceramic construction and wooden base. If you need a to-go cup but crave the sit-down experience evoked by a sturdier mug, this one is for you. They are available at Target in both black and white (but do need to be hand-washed.) This mug works beautifully with or without its plastic top, and functions as a  portable cup without sacrificing the feel of your home dwelling drinkware .


Carter Everywhere Mug - $30. 

My favorite container on this list has to be the Carter Everywhere Mug by Fellow. These beautiful mugs are designed with the coffee drinking experience in mind, and fitbeneath most standard drippers—meaning it’s likely compatible with your at-home coffee machine. The inside of the cup is ceramic, so you’ll never have the oily / penny-tasting flavor you get from stainless steel. The lip of the cup is tapered to enable you to drink with ease, and its wide mouth makes it effortless to fully immerse yourself in the flavor and aroma of your beloved beverage. Its heat-lock double wall technology promises to keep your drink hot for up to twelve hours, and the leak-proof seal means you can throw this mug (full of coffee) into your purse. If you’re looking for a mug with a  personality of its own, this one is currently available in several custom versions thanks to the brand’s  collaboration with artists . Check it out!


Rambler® 10 oz Tumbler - now $20. 

This 10 oz tumbler by Yeti is the smallest mug I recommend. Yeti’s known for its ultra-durable products and this tumbler is no exception. While the “magslide” top isn’t leakproof, it is clear, which can be a nice way to remind yourself you have more coffee to drink. This cup’s stainless steel construction promises it’s rust and puncture proof, and it’s also dishwasher safe. This cup would be great on a camping trip since it doesn’t have any sort of complex seal technology that would be hard to clean. This cup would also thrive holding a hot toddy this winter and a margarita this summer, and definitely deserves a place on your mug shelf.


Travel Mug – now $17.

This Artic Travel mug is a great option if you’re the kind of person who needs a coffee cup handle. The lid on this mug actually screws on and has a splash-proof flip top. You can personalize these cups and buy them in bulk, making them fun for a reunion or party. The brand  promises that the outside of this mug will never sweat, so you can set this one down on a wooden table or papers on your desk. This mug comes in the most colors out of any on this list, making it a great gift if you want to give your entire family or friend group the same item.

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