Snacks & Sips for Après

Snacks & Sips for Après

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I know, I know. I’m supposed to say that for après, I look forward to a fat glass of champagne. But sometimes on the lift, my growling stomach reminds me that I *naïvely* only brought a granola bar, that resort chicken tendies are 20 dollars a pop, and all I’m really looking forward is getting back home and stuffing my face to rebuild the calorie count I just destroyed on the slopes.

Furthermore, a solid après snack spread adds to the ritual of the post-ski gathering and wind-down. It’ll hold ya over until dinner, and the laughs over a cheese plate are second to none other.

Whether you opt for more functional, stripped snacks that rebuild the nutrients thankyouverymuch or opt for a decadent, hot meal that reminds you to take pleasure in your winter routine, there’s a snack or starter for everyone on this list. Here are some of our go-to favorite après starters, starting at just $7. Oh, and we include a recipe you’ll want to try.


The Best Après Snacks and Meals Everyone Can Enjoy

  1. Protein Powder—Gainful Protein Powder$45.
  2. Charcuterie Board—Mercado Famous The Grazer Specialty Bundle—$48 (was $54).
  3. Grilling Out (Duh)—Well Seasoned Meat Box$138 for 24 servings.
  4. Yummy Chips & Whatnot—From the Ground Up Sea Salt Cauliflower Chips$30 for 6-pack.
  5. The Name Says It All: Pizza Bites—Snowdays Grain-Free Pizza Bites$36 for 2-pack.
  6. Après Drinky Drinks—Lillet Rosé$12.
  7. Hot Cocoa, Because Obviously—Swiss Miss Family Pack—$7 for 30.

Gainful Protein Powder—$45.

Skiing is just as impactful (if not more!) than a gym workout, but we often forget to bulk up on protein after to encourage muscle development and recovery. Recently, Gainful’s been my go-to protein powder, as it’s personalized based on my diet, body composition, lifestyle, and more. My primary reason to buy Gainful? You can actually pick different flavored boosts for your protein powder, meaning you can change your taste daily—so you don’t get sick of chugging the same chocolate shake everyday. I personally love making mine with some coconut water, banana, and chocolate or vanilla boosts. You can even use it to make chocolate covered strawberries and similar for some sneaky protein.

Pair with: Cruz BlenderCap—$125—the world’s most powerful portable blender, developed by ex-Apple designers.



Mercado Famous The Grazer Bundle—$48 (was $54).

These high-quality meats bring festive Spanish flavors to your charcuterie board, and this bundle is an easy entry-way choice to immediately deck out your spread. The Grazer Bundle includes chorizo iberico, salchichon, jamon serrania, and jamon 100% iberico—so you’ll have plenty to try and discuss.

Pair with: étuHome Round Pine Charcuterie Board—from $115—a gorgeous European styled kitchen brand delivers with this stylish, contrasted board.


Well Seasoned Meat Box$138 for 24 servings.

It’s freezing, and we’re tired. All we’re craving is a big, juicy burger to replenish our hearts and minds. If you’re with friends, especially, making post-ski food can be a communal experience, and nothing quite makes us happier than grilling out. The fire warms ya up, the food tastes sinfully delicious, and the atmosphere is *chef’s kiss*. Admittedly, I get frustrated with the group trip grocery haul (in which you always end up venmo’ing the shopper for items you didn’t eat) so this yummy meat box is a great solution that splits evenly and tastes delish.

Pair with: SoloStove Bonfire 2.0$199 (was $299)—this oh-so-popular smokeless stove gets the job done! I savored spending a Friday night grilling up dogs and burgers with this baby, and even with sub-10 degree weather, my friends and I had a blast gathered around it.


From the Ground Up Sea Salt Cauliflower Chips$30 for 6‑pack.

Raise a hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a rack of potato chips at a resort for $8 each? In that moment—regret-filled and uncertain—you especially start to feel each bag, determining which chips have the least amount of air in them, and realize you are paying far too much for less than a handful. It’s fair to assume, after a snack of mostly air and a day full of exercise, you’ll probably be craving some salt. I first discovered these cauliflower chips while attempting a misguided Whole30, and quickly fell in love. They’re so satisfying—they taste like Baked Lays—but they’re über healthy and salted which I appreciate. So, so good. If you’re with a new group, don’t even tell them that they’re cauliflower. Just throw in a bowl and let the magic happen.


Snow Days Grain-Free Pizza Bites—$36 for 2-pack.

You may be used to popping some pizza bites into the oven, but what if they were actually good for you? These grain-free, organic bites are full of all sorts of yum, and just as easy to make as the OG. The bites come in four different flavors, and have over 1,000 5-star reviews. And the name says it all—nothing’s more comforting on a snow day than digging into some ‘za.

Pair with—Great Jones Little Sheet Rainbow Set—$75 (was $90)—This colorful, whimsical bakeware set is all you need to get cookin’. They’re also non-stick and non-toxic.


Lillet Rosé Spritz—$12.

Now for the good stuff: the après cocktail that just elevates the experience. For a fresh new twist on the après cocktails that’ll just channel the French alps, let us introduce you to this ooh la la apèritif cocktail recipe: Lillet Rosé Spritz.

  • 3 parts of Lillet Rosé
  • 3 parts of Tonic Water
  • Recommended Garnish: slice of grapefruit and / or orange

Shake Lillet Rosé and tonic water with ice, strain into a white wine glass filled with ice. Garnish with either slice of grapefruit and / or orange.

Pair with—Three Spirit Social Elixir—$39—because your sober friends should be able to enjoy the moment too.




Swiss Miss Family Pack—$7 for 30 servings.

There is very little I cherish more than my post-ski hot cocoa. It’s my go-to nightcap, and a comforting carry over from childhood that many of us simply *forget about* in adulthood. Plus, after freezing temps, your body probably needs some internal warming. Don’t forget to snag the family pack of 30 hot chocolates for just $7. Easy, breezy, beautiful. Add in some Bailey’s if you’re feelin’ spicy.

Pair with—Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Truffles—$8 (was $8.50)—These decadent truffles are absolutely delicious. You can melt in your cocoa for a little extra treat, or eat à la carte for a chocolate delight. Bonus: the wrappers are 100 percent compostable.

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